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The Akaka Bill

Someone wrote a letter about the Akaka Bill. I like it and I agree with the writer... we should kill the Akaka Bill before it kills us Hawaiians. Here is their letter and I cannot tell if it is a male or female since Hawaiian names have no gender. I cannot tell but I like what s/he states in this letter:



Sen. Akaka suggests his controversial federal recognition bill won't pass if he is not re-elected. Sounds like a great reason to vote him out of office.

Personal commitments? Call me idealistic, but shouldn't a bill pass on its own merit? "I'll vote for your bill if you vote for mine." Is this the kind of politician we want in office?

Then there was his loose claim that "most Hawaiian groups support this bill." I was at Sovereignty Sunday two weeks ago, and every group I came across was against it. Hurricane Katrina provided divine intervention in halting the bill's passage last session. Let's get out the vote this time and kill it with democratic intervention.

Lahilahi Verschuur

Seen at

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