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Nasty Lance Larsen

Hawaii is so very small. Unfortunately someone had told me via email that Lance Larsen wrote a nasty response to me. The email was with the subject, "he is your brother lol" and again my first reaction was HUH? LOL This is an excerpt of what he (Lance Larsen) wrote then my response to what he (Lance Larsen) wrote about me:

Lance Larsen: Ok, taking a line from Thurston Twigg-Smith, Haole Girl, "Do The Facts Really Matter?".

You have 4 members in your group, one of which you believe to be a fake profile that is made it insult Kekz. But yet you still chose to allow them to be part of your group lol. You also have your brother Kalani in there, who is well known for the fake profiles he made and used on "The Hawaiian Movement". Then you have Ron, who is the well known "Porn-Bot", which is likely another one of Kalani's fake profiles lol. Then you have wiredHawaiian (I feel bad for him because he is probably the only sane person in that group).

So do the facts matter? Nah they don't. I crack up at this whole thing because people make fake profiles when they are scared or don't have enough guts to face a person face to face. I find this funny because I am not scared of anyone and if I really had something to say about Kekz I would say it to his face or anyone elses face for that matter (Make like we don't know eachother or something lol). I have better things to do than to have ill feelings about people just because they don't see eye to eye with me (not many people do lol).

I still don't understand why you would allow a "fake profile" to be part of your group, but then it doesn't surprise me cuz your group is fulla (edited) anyways. I also don't know why you are even allowed to post in this group because you don't make sense and just make trouble.

So back to the facts so people dont make assumptions....... You know the profile is fake and it is aimed at insulting Kekz, but yet you allow them to be part of your group. THATS THE FACT! Shame on you!

Then my response LOL

"Calm down, Lance Larsen. Again I did NOT create that profile.

As for the "I don't make sense" part... please look at your self first before you tell me that I don't make sense. I mean... at least use a RECENT picture of yourself with your gut. Not the one that you are using that was taken about 10 years ago.

As for the "making trouble part" it was YOU who caused the Hawaiian Movement Group to be cancelled. NOT ME. I was no longer a member there after I left the group because of the drama.

As far as me "allowing the profile to remain" I don't spend time lurking at MySpace. It's not my life like how it is yours.

Also with all of the shit you write it may be picked up by Google bots AGAIN. The Hawaii State Bar WILL look up your name using Google so do the facts matter? Maybe not but think before you write. For all you know other people are writing about your nasty attitude too and the posts in their blogs will soon show up via Google. Or perhaps someone offline will kick your ass so please think before you write.

Also YOU make other Hawaiian men (some of whom read your posts then tell me what a doofus you are) EMBARRASSED and remember Oahu is very very small LANCE LARSEN.

Tagged: Lance Larsen and will be picked up by Google so if I were you I would stop typing shit because it will appear again then you will come crying to me like how you did before asking me to remove it. This time... I won't... and I invite you to SUE me. Just make sure you have enough money to sue me. I am and will be laughing AT YOU... in court."

I have screen captures of it to send to the Hawaii State Bar when it comes time for them to review his application because he (Lance Larsen) is sooo nasty! Character? Haha....

Fortunately not all Hawaiian men are like that. His nastiness is VERY rare.

More importantly... Kalani is NOT my brother LOL I don't know why people think he is my brother but he's not my brother. He's a close friend and I do not appreciate Lance Larsen of Kailua, Oahu bashing Kalani when Kalani is not there to defend himself.

Anyway as usual I don't/won't respond after that. He can stew in his stupidity but I have to state that not all Hawaiian men are like that. That is... they're not nasty like Lance Larsen online OR offline. In fact my bestest friend in the world is a Hawaiian male and he is soooo cool, charming, and respectful online and offline. On the other hand, Lance makes other Hawaiian men look bad.

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