For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

On Hoo pono pono and Scott K.

I have a HUGE test coming up so this is very very trivial compared to this important test but this is an excerpt of what a friend of mine and I were discussing about the Hawaiian Movement Myspace Group:

Me: "who is he [scott K.] to say? It's not his kuleana."

My friend: "Exactly! And whatever happened to the concept of hooponopono? So people are opinionated, that’s human nature period! We don’t live back in the old days so not like the ka mea Ho’oAli’i can decide what goes or what doesn’t. If people speak up and no go to the rallys….den oh well! Why gotta moku da forum?"

Me: "they need to pull a KA U on him. sacrifice him to the gods!"

My friend: "Yeah, he mohai… a sacrifice. Den dey can go thru the ceremonial stuff, drink ‘awa, etc. LMAO"

That is...

Ka U, ku makaha!

Meaning... he criticized them for not being Hawaiian ENOUGH and unleashed KU onto them. I feel very bad for them by the way. Well they can sacrifice their oppressor like our ancestors did to their oppressors in Ka U, Hawaii. We can see what he says about them after they sacrifice him to our gods.

/ sarcasm

Seriously... that's one thing about Hawaiians... with only about 401,062 of us left if one Hawaiian knows your business the information spreads like WILD FIRE. My theory is that it's partly due to our oral-based history. That is... we TALK and we WILL talk. Some of us who are also Haole like me will write about it as well haha

Seriously... while I do not agree 100% with other Hawaiians it's morally wrong to censor them or any other human bean. Just saying.

* Note that I do not and am not asking other Hawaiians to pull a KA U on him. That's because we are Hawaiians... evolved... but I reserve the right to practice my Hawaiian religion in any way, shape, or form.


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