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Jere Krischel's Misuse of the Morgan Report

I really like this letter and shows how people are not easily fooled by Jere Krischel. In addition the person behind this is Thurston Twigg-Smith who allegedly lent his copy of the Morgan Report to Jere Krischel. Nana i ke kumu... or "look to the source" and the source (i.e. Thurston Twigg-Smith) is a descendant of one of the rich Haole dudes who helped illegally overthrow a kingdom called the Kingdom of Hawaii aka the Nation of Hawaii. He is a puppet master trying to de-humanize the Hawaiian. Here is proof that this is not working as Stephen T. Boggs (whom I do not know) points out in his letter below:


Jere Krischel's Jan. 15 op-ed, "Morgan Report is public at long last," sounds more than a false note; it appears to be part of an orchestrated effort to suggest that Sen. Morgan's report of 1894 about the role of the U.S. government in the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy was right and Sen. Blount's report was wrong.

Actually, the conclusions of the Morgan Report without the accompanying documentation have been widely available ever since they were submitted to the Senate.

Why does it matter now? Because Morgan maintained that the U.S. was blameless in the overthrow. His view supports the argument that the Republic of Hawai'i was a legal government and thus entitled under international law to transfer the sovereignty of the Kingdom to the United States.

Thus Krischel states: "In response to the findings of the Morgan Report, (President) Cleveland rebuffed further entreaties by the queen for intervention and recognized the Republic of Hawai'i as the legitimate successor to the kingdom." The republic was never legitimate, however, because the majority of the population opposed it.

Nor was the Morgan Report responsible for changing Cleveland's policy. For an accurate account of that, readers should consult Thomas J. Osborne, "Annexation Hawai'i" (Island Style Press 1998), pp 79-81. Cleveland lost the support of Congress when he tried secretly to reinstate the queen. The Morgan Report reflected a compromise within Congress: It absolved Cleveland for his effort and recommended no further action to annex Hawai'i.

Stephen T. Boggs

Seen at

Of course my theory is that Jere Krischel, Thurston Twigg-Smith, Ken Conklin, and attorney H. William Burgess have one thing in common:

That is all of them try to de-HUMAN-ize the Hawaiian. They try to use any and all tools in order to dismiss our history and our culture in order to dismiss us as HUMANs and thus as people.

It remains to be seen if we (as Americans) allow people like that to do that kinda stuff in the United States. I will see but fortunately the majority of Americans only want to do the right thing. They do not wish harm on Hawaiians so I am not worried. However I write about these de-humanizers of Hawaiians so that others can see the full story from A HAWAIIAN (i.e. ME)... not just biased reports about us.

Also I'm part Chinese so Kung Hee Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year! :)

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