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These two Democrats are set to fight for the seat in the senate that Senator Daniel Akaka has held for the last 16 years or so. When voting I don't base my vote on if the person is Hawaiian or not (though he is the only U.S. Senator of Hawaiian ancestry... that's irrelevant to me.) Instead I base my decision on other factors. IF I were to vote in the next election I would not vote for either candidate:

Representive Ed Case (cousin of AOL founder Steve Case)

Senator Akaka

An excerpt:

"Called a loner by some, the future of the Democratic Party by others, U.S. Rep. Ed Case is shocking the established wing of the Democratic Party by deciding to run for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Daniel Akaka.

The two would face off in the Sept. 23 primary election, with the winner going on to face a Republican challenger.

Before Case's announcement, Akaka had no serious challenger from either major political party."

From http://starbulletin.com/2006/01/20/news/story01.html

Then again I am a registered Republican but even if I am registered does not mean that I would vote for their Republican challenger. However these two Democrats do not get my vote of confidence for the senate seat.

Also I have always wondered what his Hawaiian genealogy is. I mean... it's protocol to recite one's genealogy in the Hawaiian culture. I have never heard nor seen nor read him do so and I am not accusing him of not being Hawaiian but I'm curious... what are his Hawaiian roots? Even if I ask him he will send a form letter to me which really annoys me! Which reminds me... property taxes for Hawaii are due in February. Time to eat more beans and rice and dented canned foods and dented cereals so that I can afford to keep what some of my ancestors gave to me when they died. Anyway I am one of his constituents. I think that he should be accepting ALL of my phone calls *LOL* Seriously... we pay taxes and our senator(s) work(s) for us. How come they don't adequately respond to us? :P


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