For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

I forgot to post this letter written by Laura Manuel-Arrighi about Hui Malama I Na Kupuna

I don't know why I didn't post this but I forgot to post this letter written by Laura Manuel-Arrighi. I agree with her on so many levels:

Ayau is a victim of religious persecution

The arrest of Eddie Ayau, of Hui Malama I Na Kupuna O Hawai'i Nei, is likened to an act of religious persecution for practicing ones' spiritual calling and beliefs. Auwe!

Auwe that those who applaud this act further perpetuate divisiveness that is devastating to the kanaka maoli. Pray that our descendants don't only know us through a museum display.

Shame on these same folks who believe themselves above the desire and intent of our ancestors, who condone stealing from our ancestors! These same people preach Hawaiian values while they condone thoughts opposite that of kanaka maoli.' Auwe!

Laura K. Manuel-Arrighi

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