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More on Ken Conklin

I just recently discovered this new page where he describes himself as Hawaiian by stating "He Hawaii au:"

"He hawai'i au.

'A'ohe o'u koko Hawai'i 'oiwi. Aka, nui ko'u aloha i ka po'e Hawai'i 'oiwi, a me na po'e a pau, noho ana ma Hawai'i nei. 'A'ole au i hanau ma Hawai'i; aka, ua hanai au i keia pae 'aina 'umikumaha makahiki aku nei. O keia ko'u home pu'uwai mau a mau. Ua hanai au i keia pae 'aina; a laila, ua hanai ia'u na akua a me ka 'aina.

Eia ka'u mele:

(I keia po eia au me 'oe;
keia po ua ho'i mai au)

He loa ka helena
Ma ke alahele
E huli wahi ma keia ao.

Maopopo au, ua 'ike ho'i
Ka home i loko o ku'u pu'uwai.

Ua ho'i mai au
Ke 'ike nei au,

'A'ole au e auwana hou;
Ke maopopo —


Retrieved from "http://morganreport.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=User:Ken_Conklin

I have no problem with anyone writing in Hawaiian but whoa. He just described that he is Hawaiian when he is not. When he states "He Hawaii au" that is what he is telling people... that he is Hawaiian when in fact he is not.

TO ME... this is very disrespectful to the Hawaiian people and again... it does not and will not go unnoticed by me.

It is wrong on so many levels. A few mana o:

1. He is lying. That is... he is not Hawaiian. He is not Hawaiian by koko nor by iwi nor is he Hawaiian by nationality as in a citizen of the Nation of Hawaii.

2. By using the Hawaiian language to describe himself as Hawaiian he is trying to redefine what and who a Hawaiian is. Does he look Hawaiian? Well there is no way of knowing unless we look at his iwi because being Hawaiian is in the iwi. Again... another attempt to try to dismiss the Hawaiian people by trying to define HIMSELF as a Hawaiian.

3. Notice how he is writing in the Hawaiian language. The problem is that he is trying to twist the Hawaiian language (or "olelo oiwi") and redefine the meanings of some words. To me... this is disrespectful not only to the Hawaiian culture but also to the Hawaiian language and also to the Hawaiian people.

Also... that picture is at least 20 or 30 years old. Can we say d-e-c-e-p-t-i-o-n?


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Jan. 26th, 2006 12:50 am (UTC)
When I first started looking for information on Hawaiian Sovereignty and Independence I came across his site. He always leaves me disturbed by his vicious disdain and condescension toward Native Hawaiians.

I keep wondering if he would ever try to dismantle the Navajo or Cherokee Nations if he was still on the continent.
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