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More on Jere Krischel and on Ken Conklin

Jere Krischel and Ken Conklin have managed to tag team in order to push their racist-against-Hawaiians agenda. Here is an excerpt of a discussion between Kalani and I:

Kalani to Jere Krischel: "You flip-flop on the issue when it comes to your SELF-identification. If you want to give the impression to others that you are HAWAIIAN, that's one thing. But to do that and yet berate Hawaiians, that really doesn't make sense."

Me: A few points:

1. Jere Krischel describes himself as a Hawaiian and as a scholar here:

"As a Hawaiian, from an island chain with a legacy of many cultures melding together, I am proud of the example of our land. When people from the mainland talk about a "melting pot", they usually mean you can get any kind of ethnic food within 15 miles of home - people in Hawai`i mean you can get any kind of ethnic food within 15 feet of one kitchen, or within 15 inches of one plate.

As a scholar, I also have a strong interest in Hawaiian history, which has been further sparked by my recent participation in the debate over the issues of the 1893 overthrow, race-based government programs in Hawai`i, and the impending Akaka Bill. My father, Walter Benavitz, was a member of the Polynesian Voyaging Society, and participated in the 1987 tour of the Hokule`a. My school, Punahou, was a place of history drawing back to 1841 with a strong Hawaiian studies component."

Seen at

It has already been shown that Jere Krischel lied about being Hawaiian and being an expert in IT does not correlate to being a scholar.

2. On this page we see that Ken Conklin is behind the posting (online) of the Morgan Report:

3. On both of his websites and on he does not explicitly state who is behind either or both of these websites which leads me to conclude that he is based on deception.

4. Then he decribes himself as "human" while asserting that he is Hawaiian here at Scott C's site:

"Direct descent - Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Filipino, German, Irish, French.

Extended family - Portuguese, Kanaka maoli, Jewish, Russian, African, Lebanese, and Native American.

But if asked what my race is, I am human, just like everyone else."

Seen at

On his wikipedia bio page, he describes his self-identification and how he has every right to call himself "Hawaiian" yet he identified his ethnicities. Huh? What happened to being color blind or... non-race based as he has asserted here, there, and elsewhere?

When he claims that he is "human" as well as claiming that he prefers a "color blind" society while describing himself as "Direct descent - Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Filipino, German, Irish, French"... it doesn't make sense. What happened to being color blind??? Or... race blind as he asserts? Like you stated... he seems to flip flop.

My unofficial opinion of Jere Krischel is that he is another Bad Seed. Stopping his racist-against-Hawaiian agenda is a challenge... BUT I have hope and faith in the goodness of people... because Hitler was eventually stopped. Jere Krischel will be stopped too. If not already. That is... the past is prologue.

Also I have discovered a new disease. It's called CONKLINitis named after Ken Conklin and is a strain of "Racism Against Hawaiians." Upon infection, the individual suffers from trying to revise other people's history based on their racism against them... in order to dismiss their existence. One symptom is hypocrisy. Another one is twisting kernels of truth in order to continue their racism especially against Hawaiians.

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