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Cy Harris

In today's paper I noticed a letter from Cy Harris who asserts that Hui Malama is trying to make decisions for all Hawaiians and that they have no authority to do so unless we let them. Uh HELLO. Cy Harris cannot decide for us either and MY decision is that Hui Malama can protect the iwi (just as other Hawaiians can.) They (Hui Malama) and Eddie Ayau and ANY Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian who want the iwi and moepu returned to a cave or caves instead of having them exposed in a museum or museums get my full support.

Also there is an olelo noeau (or "Hawaiian prover") that tells us not to expose our bones. Hui Malama and Eddie Ayau and many Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians are listening to our kupuna. Fortunately they are respecting our kupuna but again... Hawaiians have fought for centuries. That is partly why Kamehameha became king because he didn't follow proper protocol and also because he fought with other Hawaiians. Thus I expect this kind of comments but I disagree with him. That is we are NOT supposed to expose our bones irrelevant of any court order:

Group cannot decide for all Hawaiians

There is a need for correction to misinformation being directed by Hui Malama. The lineal claimants have no intention of defiling burials, ancient or otherwise. This case is about civil rights, not religious rights. The fact that Hui Malama took these artifacts, and now refuses to return them, violates a federal court order. Not even the president of the United States can get away with violating a federal court order.

Hui Malama is trying to make decisions for all Hawaiians. They have no authority to do so unless we let them. The healing can begin after the artifacts return to the people. These are the facts.

Cy Harris

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