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For my family and friends ™

Wow... amazing letter by Gaby Gouveia about the Kau Inoa Native Hawaiian Registration Repository

This is exactly how I feel and exactly what I think:

Hard to trust agency pushing for the Akaka Bill

Recently I received a packet in the mail from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. It contained a registration form from Kau Inoa, an organization being sponsored by OHA.

A year ago, I was invited to call in on Uncle Charlie Maxwell’s talk show to question the representative of OHA who was pushing the Akaka Bill, and the representative for Kau Inoa.

They assured me that if I would sign with Kau Inoa and have my name added to their list, it would not be used by OHA to say that I am one of the kanaka maoli that supports the Akaka garbage. I never signed on, and never will. But I did use their business reply envelope to handwrite exactly what I felt about their form.

My kanaka maoli brothers and sisters, how can I trust an organization like OHA, an organization that since 2003 has authorized over $700,000 of kanaka maoli money to lobby for the Akaka Bill and not let us have a say? Be very careful and aware of what you sign on to. Do not sell your brothers and sisters out for a $4.50 red T-shirt. The only thing that shirt is good for is to identified the scared and uninformed.

Gaby Gouveia


Seen at

I refuse to register with the Kau Inoa Native Hawaiian Registration Repository because it is disrespectful to my kupuna who have taught me that being Hawaiian is in the iwi (or "bones.") I do not want nor need an ID card to tell me and others that I am Hawaiian. Thinking about it makes my na au feel funny kine. Anyway I do not want a free tee shirt. I can buy a tee shirt from Goodwill for about $1.50. I will not compromise the iwi. Ever. Nor will I ever sell it for a dollar or for $4.50. Just saying.

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