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Earlier today I received an email from someone. In it it said:

"scott & lance mentioned u lmao"

It does not surprise me. The thing is that I guess Scott has not been forthcoming about him asking me to sleep over at his place BEFORE asking about my marital status LOL I mean really... a man would admit to his faults. In this case they are discussing me. However they are NOT discussing the fact that Scott asked me to sleep over. Perhaps that is why he is so bitter and angry LOL

Seriously. He goes on and on about crazy Internet people. Uh HELLO. Asking me to sleep over at your place BEFORE asking me for my marital status is crazy. Just saying.

Unfortunately a small handful of Hawaiian men are pricks especially to Hawaiian women who marry Haole men such as myself. However as I have always stated online and offline I will not and I do not make the innocent pay for what the guilty have done.

The sad reality is that there is a very small minority of Hawaiian men who are somewhat insecure . Perhaps insecure is not the word but if and when a Hawaiian woman dates and/or marries a Haole dude they treat us differently. These are of course the Asshole Hawaiian Men who are pricks. Again a very tiny percentage of Hawaiian Men as two of my bestest friends in the whole wide world are Hawaiian men. People like Scott and Lance need to get over themselves. They not THAT great. If they were they would be in long term relationships and/or a long term marriage. Then again my theory is that they dunno how to treat Hawaiian women and it shows.

Then again they have to try to puff themselves up right? You know... try to make themselves look good... and/or bad ass when all they look like is ASS. How? Because I am older than them. Getting in touch with their Hawaiian roots? Know their Hawaiian roots? Yeah right. They don't respect their Hawaiian elders nor a Hawaiian woman both of why are integral within the Hawaiian culture. It's like slapping Hina's face. How embarrassing. Fortunately not all Hawaiians are like that. Just saying.

Tags: larsen, scott k, some hawaiian men - a very tiny percenta

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