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Hui Malama leader inaccurately portrayed

I also re-read this article about Eddie Ayau of Hui Malama on December 21, 2005:

Hui Malama leader vows to defy judge

Seen at

What a crock of shit. I do not blame Gordon Pang either. Who has editorial control and can put titles on articles? The editors. That's who and in this case instead of calling it

Hui Malama leader chooses to exercise his right to remain silent

nooooooo... he is inaccurately portrayed as someone who is egotistical and/or conceited when he is not. Thus another example of trying to portray HAWAIIANS as monsters... as less than human... when all some of them are doing are protecting the iwi and/or the oiwi. Other people do it. That is, other people protect their ancestors, culture, language, etc... but if and when Hawaiians do so... whoa... they are portrayed as monsters. Albeit inaccurately.

Tags: how eddie ayau is portrayed in the media, hui malama

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