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More on Ken Conklin and on Jere Krischel

I am reposting this here since some people are curious. Here is another excerpt of another example of Ken Conklin and Jere Krischel insulting the intelligence of Hawaiians which I do NOT appreciate so of course I defend my Hawaiian cousins as all Hawaiians are related to each other as we are descendants of Wakea and Papa:

Jere: "Nice capsule review _____. Each one of the exerpts seems to be fairly well argued -> is there something in there you want to contradict?

Me: Contradict? No. It is called preserving our culture but I realize that Ken and perhaps you want to dismiss parts of our culture which in turn dismisses Hawaiians. I will NOT allow that to happen. That is why your attempts to try to discredit me with my Hawaiian cousins will fail. Hawaiians are smarter than that, Jere. Again... PLEASE do not insult their intelligence.

Secondly, to answer your question here are a FEW debateable points:

1. Conklin writes in his footnotes:

"Increasingly today, terms like “Hawaiian culture,” “Native Hawaiian,” and “oral history” are being tossed around by people who do not define them or use them in any consistent way, and who intentionally capitalize on their vagueness to carry meanings from one context into other contexts where those meanings may be inappropriate."

That is inaccurate. Hawaiians whom I know use the terms accurately. Then again how many Hawaiians does Ken know? Again... he tries to dismiss our culture and/or parts of our culture in order to TRY to dismiss us (Hawaiians.)

2. Conklin writes:

"Just as the word "'ohana" did not exist until recent times."

That is untrue and inaccurate. Since I was a child BEFORE Disney's Lilo and Stitch... my family (close and extended) have used it. Again... Ken tries to discredit part of our culture (i.e. our language) in order to dismiss US.

3. Conklin asserts:

"Therefore, the activists are systematically ignoring white heroes of the Hawaiian Kingdom who had no native blood."

That in accurate. Nogelmeier was hanai yet MANY Hawaiians embrace him as a part of our culture and part of US. Again... he (Ken) tries to dismiss the realities of Hawaiians. Anyone who knows Hawaiians knows that MOST OF US are of mixed ethnicities. Our ancestors have spread their legs to non-Hawaiians. WE are part non-Hawaiian too yet he spreads misinformation about us once again.

These are JUST A FEW. Again... PLEASE do not insult the intelligence of Hawaiians. They are much smarter than you are alluding to and they are the very ones who already know what Ken is trying to do. That is... he is trying to dismiss the Hawaiian culture in order to dismiss Hawaiians. They are not easily fooled nor will they be easily fooled by you or by him. PLEASE respect their intelligence instead of insulting it.

Also... anyone who knows me knows that once anyone attacks Hawaiians... whoa... dey bettah watch out. The Ka U and the Big Island Hawaiian quickly comes out of me and they quickly see me protect Hawaiians. I simply do not and will NOT tolerate Ken Conklin nor Jere Krischel to try to dismiss our culture, the Hawaiian culture, in order to TRY to dismiss us, Hawaiians. Whoa boy... the Ka U and the Big Island Hawaiian is coming out of me. I can just feel it....

Anyway that is why it annoys me when some people try to make "Hawaiian sovereignty" complicated in hopes that it instills fear in people, Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian, but Hawaiian sovereignty is simple. It's about defining who we are and defining our destiny. Note that it is NOT about violating other people's civil rights. That's what the deceivers try to lead people to believe but that's not true about Hawaiian sovereignty and about Hawaiian sovereignty supporters. Just saying. I do not like it when people instill fear in people about Hawaiians. The last 47 years speak for itself as Hawaii has been a state of the United States since 1959. Have we violated other people's rights? No. However we are determined to fight for our rights because we have rights too. Thus Hawaiian sovereignty. It's about defining who we are and defining our destiny. There is nothing spooky nor scary about that. Just saying.

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