For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Ken Conklin tried to do it. Jere Krischel is trying to do it again too.

An excerpt of Jere's attempt to try to discredit me with other Hawaiians. Like how I told him in this excerpt... he and Ken CANNOT fool Hawaiians. That is why many Hawaiians do not argue with me because they know that I am pro-Hawaiian. In addition I fully expect them to do this but like I tell Jere in this excerpt... he and others CANNOT fool Hawaiians. They are too smart to be fooled. Then again Umiamaka will try to do that. That is, try to deceive other Hawaiians. Note that I call him (as well as Ken Conklin) "Umiamaka"... the Deceiver:

Jere: "I mean, scott, you and I disagree a hell of a lot, but a few minor bad hair days aside, we manage to keep the conversation rational, courteous and informative."

Me: And your point is? I disagree with Keiki that "Hawaiian" means "Hawaiian national." I disagree with Derek that it is up to Hawaiians to ask OHA for help. I disagree with my twin sister too but then people do not agree with every one else 100% unless of course you view Hawaiians as less than human. Thanks for proving my point once again.

Jere: "Even Mr. Laudig, who certainly holds me in low regard, is diligent about giving references, explaining case law, and drawing conclusions from evidence.

You know, I've got to stop putting her in the same category as other sovereignty activists - I'm probably treating all of you genuine sovereignty activists with unfair disdain because of her rants."

Me: They are not rants. They are called MANA O. Do you know what that is. If not... look it up.

Jere: "Let me humbly apologize to you scott, Mr. Laudig, Kaonohi, kelly, kalani, even Mana - I'm sure I've treated you poorly by assuming you were in the same category as ____________. Please forgive my poor assumptions about your rationale and motivation. Although __________ may or may not be on the U.S. psyops payroll, I believe this debate should be held on the merits, not because of any dirty tricks. I will endeavor to treat you all with the dignity and respect that you deserve, and not let my impression of _______ taint my perception of you all.

Me: I love it how you attempt to apologize to others in order for them to agree with you. Umiamaka. Also anyone who knows me knows how pro-Hawaiian I am. That is why they do not argue with me nor fight with me, Jere. However your attempts to try to discredit me... well you are insulting their intelligence. Hawaiians are MUCH smarter than that. PLEASE DO NOT INSULT THEIR INTELLIGENCE as you are trying to do. Mahalo in advance.

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