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On protecting the iwi that is inside of me and in all Hawaiians: More on Eddie Ayau of Hui Malama

In the article that I posted earlier this part made me tear up:

At yesterday's court proceeding, Ezra denied a request to release Ayau. Ezra asked Ayau if he had changed his mind about giving the court the information.

"No, your honor," Ayau replied.

Ayau has said that retrieving the items is desecration and a violation of his constitutional right to freedom of religion.

Seen at

I don't know if people understand how difficult it can be to be Hawaiian. I mean... really. We often live in parallel worlds. That is, the Haole World and the Hawaiian World. Some of us live in quad worlds as in the Haole World, the Hawaiian World, the Asian World, and the Latina World. That is what I am accustomed to since I am English, Hawaiian, Chinese, and Portuguese but to me the most difficult is the equilibrium between the Haole World and the Hawaiian World.

When Ayau supposedly said that retrieving the items is desecration and a violation of his constitutional right to freedom of religion I can understand him. I can also understand his predicament. However do people have mercy on him and on other Hawaiians like him? Unfortunately they do not. That deeply saddens me but without sadness there can be no happiness.

It brings me much happiness when I see Ayau and others like him. I still fully support Edward Halealoha Ayau and other people... Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian... who try to protect the iwi. It makes me very happy to see these people put their neck out on the line for the iwi. The iwi that is inside of me. As well as inside other Hawaiians. For anyone to protect the iwi... wow... it impresses me greatly... and that is what Eddie Ayau is doing. Therefore I FULLY support him and others like him whether they are Hawaiian or non-Hawaiian. Protecting the iwi is very important to me and again... that is what Hui Malama is doing as well as Eddie Ayau. Props to them and to him for protecting the iwi.

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