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Picture of protesting Hawaiians

I love it when people protest whether they are Hawaiian... or non-Hawaiian. Fighting for one's rights is something I admire... greatly. Here is a picture of people preparing to protest the illegal purchase of artifacts by the Bishop Museum:

Eleven-year-old Kamalei Kam-Aweau, left, helped Naupaka Hoapili, 12, apply finishing touches to a sign yesterday protesting the Bishop Museum's purchase of native Hawaiian artifacts. Protesters gathered in front of the Bishop Museum under the direction of UH Hawaiian-studies graduate student Mehana Hind, who was overwhelmed with the support and turnout she received from sending a few e-mails. Protesters also called for the resignation of the museum director, Bill Brown.

Seen at

This picture also epitomizes how many Hawaiians are STILL fighting for their rights. Doesn't it make people wonder why they are doing so? Obviously some people are unhappy. VERY unhappy with the status quo and I realize that makes some people feel uncomfortable.

Typically it makes them feel guilty. However sometimes protestors are not protesting "YOU" and instead are protesting against other people. Unfortunately I notice that some people take it personally. That is when I can see that someone feels guilty for some thing. Real or imagined. Why feel guilty if you are not guilty? Just saying.... I can understand why some people don't like it when people protest. However I like it when people do (protest) :P

In any case, I want Bill Brown to be fired due to several reasons. One of them being that he wants to possess stolen artifacts that were stolen by David Forbes. Thus the dilemma that Hui Malama and other Hawaiians face nowadays: Do we return the iwi and the moepu to its original resting place? OR do we allow people like Bill Brown, Suganuma, and/or Kawananakoa to place them in museums then charge people to see them? Hmmm an easy choice for me. That is... PROTECT THE IWI. Period. Thus I fully support Eddie Ayau aka Edward Halealoha Ayau and other Hawaiians and other people like him because there are some non-Hawaiians who try to understand the importance of the iwi and/or the importance of the oiwi ("Hawaiian.") For that... I am grateful that there are some people who understand or... who try to understand.

Anyway Bill Brown CEO and President of the Bishop Museum is one more person who is trying to profit off of Hawaiians and thus off of our kupuna and off of our iwi. I never ever sell my iwi nor do I plan to do so and I do not appreciate it when he and others make millions off of my iwi. It's hewahewa. Or... super duper WRONG. It's something that I have no problem reconciling simply because that is something NON-NEGOTIABLE to me. My iwi and the iwi of my kupuna are NOT for sale. Unfortunately he disrespects that as while possessing stolen property that was stolen by David Forbes and probably by many others. Hey... if they stole our nation (i.e. the Nation of Hawaii) then chances are they stole other things too. Just saying... I want him fired. I do not want him to resign because he won't. He seems too high makamaka to do so. That and MONEY HUNGRY so the hell with resigning. I want him FIRED and I hope to see him fired soon.

More pics later.

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