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I finally took a peek at the local newspapers online. In it... I could not stop laughing when I saw this letter to the editor because I know how Kekuewa can be a prick YET sometimes what he writes... is true. In any case... I laughed when I read this letter because it's true! Worse... he hits the nail on the head about bones having a price tag which is not part of the Hawaiian culture while offering to assess Harris' ancestors' bones and placing a monetary value on them. I especially like the part about assessing their intelligence. What the hell??? *L* What a prick... yet so true. Here is his letter to the editor:


Is cultural voyeurism a religious practice?

In recent articles surrounding the lawsuit against the Bishop Museum and Hui Malama, there have been a number of claimants posing to be Hawaiian cultural practitioners in order to gain influence over the public and power over the repatriation process.

Cy Kamuela Harris of the Temple of Lono has publicly stated that he was taught that funerary objects should be placed in the museum for all too see. This statement is inconsistent with any of the traditions and practices that I have ever heard of concerning Hawaiian religion.

If this be the case, then I suggest Harris be the first in donating the bones and burial items of his immediate family to the museum in order to perpetuate our traditional cultural practices. In fact, I am a trained archaeologist and would be more than willing to do studies on his family to assess their intelligence and place monetary value on these "artifacts."

Kekuewa Kikiloi
Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner

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