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On protecting the iwi

Another excerpt of an exchange between Jere Krischel (an anti-Hawaiian Hawaiian) and I:

Jere: "I'm not bashing oiwi, I'm bashing a group of people who are not following the due process of law. It wouldn't matter to me if they were from mars. But then again, _____________ the Deluded has a hard time not stereotyping all oiwi."

Me: News flash: YOU were the one who ASSumed that I was wealthy when I was a student at Kamehameha Schools. On the other hand... I did not assume that you were a Haole dude and instead asked and sought out the info first before developing a conclusion.

Secondly... denial is not just the name of a river.

More importantly... you just bashed me stating "___________ the Deluded. I am oiwi. Therefore you just bashed oiwi. Can we say DUH?

Jere: "What flaw? I never said he declared himself King. I asserted that they should have exercised restraint, and followed the due process of law - they probably would have gotten their way in the end, if they had been patient about the process."

Me: May I remind you that you previously stated:

"If Hui Malama had exercised just a little bit of restraint in this case, they would be on much higher moral ground."

Who ever stated that he is trying to get high on moral ground? Has he? NO. Also it implies that you view him as someone who seeks some kind of crown or something. THAT is the fatal flaw.

Jere: "Instead, they arrogantly decided to short circuit the due process of law."

Me: EXACTLY. You are addressing the due process of U.S. law but again... there are also Kingdom of Hawaii laws. In this case he is returning or has returned the iwi kupuna as well as the moepu. Shows your Haole mentality too.

Jere: "If they had been more patient and less arrogant, they could have won everything."

Me: Dude, what are you talking about? They are not out to "WIN" anything. They are trying to take care of our kupuna. Do you even know what of Hui Malama I Na Kupuna O Hawaii Nei means. It means or can mean "Group Caring For the Ancestors of Hawaii." It is not "Group Seeking to Win."

Jere: "Instead they instigated this crisis."

Me: What a lie! Again... reread the Forbes Documents here:

These items were STOLEN by David Forbes. Ayau returned them but it was ALL instigated by DAVID FORBES.

Jere: "By stealing them back?"

Me: They returned them to a cave or caves, dude. They did not STEAL THEM. Are they in their possession? NO. They are back in the cave(s.)

Jere: "By ignoring the other oiwi and kupuna? By arrogantly deciding they know what is best and they don't have to follow the due process of law?"

Me: Twist the truth much? Bash oiwi much? ASSume much?

Admit it. You do not like it when any Hawaiian protects the iwi. Ayau is protecting the iwi. PLEASE STOP LYING.

Jere: "The only example Hui Malama has now given is that it is acceptable to ignore the law and take matters into your own hands."

Me: First of all, how do you know that Eddie Ayau is a U.S. citizen? Oh thats right. You ASSume alot about Hawaiians but you simply DO NOT KNOW if he is or not. Secondly, he is following Hawaiian law which dictates to us that we take care of our iwi. Then again you seem to have missed that lesson.

Jere: "I certainly don't think people should be encouraging their vigilante methods.

Me: Well I wholeheartedly support him and others like him and encourage ALL Hawaiians to protect the iwi how they want to protect the iwi. Unfortunately there are people who think it's wrong to do so. I disagree. Its one of the greatest quality of a Hawaiian. That is to protect the iwi which thus protects the oiwi. That is sooooo cool and I continue to encourage Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians to do so.

For you since you dont seem to understand that... think of how Jews protect their heritage, people, culture, and language. Hawaiians are no different. Then again you have double standards when it comes to Hawaiians dont you. Jewish people can protect their people, their ancestors, etc... but when a Hawaiian or Hawaiians do the same or similar thing they are criticized. NO DOUBLE STANDARDS PLEASE.

Update: Note that Jere LIED about being Hawaiian. Hawaiian by iwi and Hawaiian by nationality. It is my conclusion that HE IS A LIAR. Therefore I no longer communicate with him since he lied to me and I do not and will not tolerate anyone lying to ME and he lied to me about being Hawaiian. A lie... is a lie.

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