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The past is prologue

The past is prologue

Part One: An excerpt of an exchange between Jere Krischel and I:

Jere: "Nope, not trying to justify Forbes."

Me: But isn't it odd that you do not mention that he stole these artifacts from the cave in the first place? Even in his letter, Bingham wrote:

"In the mean time, keep the matter quiet for there are severe laws concerning burial caves."


The problem is that in this case you are blaming Hawaiians such as Ayau for trying to return these stolen artifacts while using it to bash Hawaiians and again... you are supposedly Hawaiian http://www.tobysemainband.com/band.html so when you bash Hawaiians you are bashing yourself too. Just saying.

Jere: "I'm willing to have him prosecuted to the full extent of the law too."

Me: But was he? No. Instead you, the Honolulu Advertiser, and the Honolulu Starbulletin try to portray Ayau as a criminal when it was Forbes who violated laws by stealing them in the first place.

Jere: "But two wrongs definitely don't make a right here."

Me: Yes... but isn't it convenient when you "conveniently" fail to mention Forbes' actions which provoked Hui Malama and thus Ayau's reactions. How convenient.

Jere: "If Hui Malama had exercised just a little bit of restraint in this case, they would be on much higher moral ground."

Me: There is a flaw in your logic. Ayau has never declared himself to be King Ayau.

"Jere: As it is, they turned themselves into a carbon copy of their own worst enemy."

Me: Or... so you claim but based on yor past comments you use things to bash Hawaiians. The past is prologue. You will probably continue to bash Hawaiians. Similarly the past action of Mr. Forbes stealing these artifacts will mostly likely result in these artifacts being stolen once again by another Haole dude. This time by CEO and President Bill Brown of the Bishop Museum:


In addition last time Hawaiians were unable to stop Forbes. Fortunately this time Ayau and other Hawaiians are trying to stop them from stealing them again.

Part Two: David Forbes and CEO and President of the Bishop Museum Bill Brown:

David Forbes stole the artifacts from the cave then sold them for about $472.00 thus not only stealing from Hawaiians but he also profitted off of Hawaiians.

CEO and President of the Bishop Museum Bill Brown has been trying to enforce a contract that Hui Malama signed with them agreeing to return these artifacts. (Bishop Museum had these stolen artifacts in their posession. Eddie Ayau turned around and returned them to their rightful place.) A cave. Location unknown. Like Forbes, Brown has been and is stealing from Hawaiians. He is also trying to make a profit off of Hawaiians. As CEO and President of the Bishop Museum gets an annual salary partly based on these stolen artifacts: http://www.bishopmuseum.org/images/pdf/Annual_report_2005.pdf

Also according to the Charity Navigator, Bishop Museum scored three stars out of a possible four stars:



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