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The past is prologue

I guess I am not the only one who thinks that Jere tries to attack Hawaiians just as Ken Conklin does. What is even funny is that Jere is supposedly Hawaiian so when he bashes Hawaiians he is bashing a part of who he is. How you like dat one. Anyway someone else (Kalani) wrote this about Jere today and I had to laugh:

"From Jere, regarding the Forbes artifacts:

The cave shouldn't have been desecrated with concrete.

I told him that there weren't protocols as to "sealing" a cave. It's so obvious his hate for na 'Oiwi [which means "Hawaiians"] as he said Hui Malama should pay for this if they attempt to retrieve the artifacts and it is gone, etc. What a fucking idiot. I told him that it was a "desecration" as he puts it with the pouring of concrete to seal the cave but what Forbes, et al. did was not? Fucking Haole wannabe!"

That is... David Forbes who was a Haole dude stole the artifacts and if he didn't do that in the first place then Eddie Ayau of Hui Malama would not have to return it to its rightful place.

Again here is the Forbes Documents courtesy of Kekuewa Kikiloi who is a PhD student at the University of Hawaii-Manoa that I have uploaded for all to see for themselves:

I especially like this part:

"In the mean time, keep the matter quiet for there are severe laws concerning burial caves" which Bingham wrote in his letter to Forbes.

It shows how deceitful they were and how some people stole from Hawaiians. (Of course not ALL Haole people are like this.) That is partly why I like this picture Kelikina Kekumano of Waianae, Hawaii by Lucy Pemoni:

because some people have lied to us in the past and they continue to lie to us. Past... is prologue.

Of course if they lie to us... then chances are they lie to others too... not just to Hawaiians.

Anyway I made it to the Washington DC area safely though I know that some people probably want to get rid of me or something LOL The weather is icky. Well I'll try to post pics later. When I have time.

Tags: david forbes, forbes documents, jere krischel, lying to hawaiians, profitting off of hawaiians, stealing from hawaiians

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