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For my family and friends ™

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Note that I just received another scathing email from someone who supposedly works for Senator Daniel Akaka chastising me for exercising my right to freedom of speech and the right to show boobies online. In addition he assumed that I don't know about the "democratic" process but how can he say that our government (the U.S. government) is "democratic" when it's not even a democracy LOL I mean... look at the electoral college. That's a sign that we do not live in a democracy.

Well it is reminding me that I need a hot Hawaiian male to protect me from these Umiamaka aka "Deceivers." Preferably Hawaiian and Haole... like me. A registered Republican like me too. Also good-looking and sexy LOL Just joking.

Seriously... Senator Daniel Akaka is another Umiamaka. A deceiver. I'll post the emails later when I have time but dayum... the dude seems maha oi (or "rude.") The audacity of it all.

Tags: intra-national hawaiian relations, senator daniel akaka

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