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Jere Krischel strikes again

Hawaiians are still under attack. Another exchange between Jere and I:

Jere: "So you get money for assassinating the character of those who disagree with you? What kind of business model do you run on? Is this like tabloid journalism?"

Me: No... I don't make ANY money off of Hawaiians nor off of the iwi. In fact that is why it is a NON-PROFIT organization. I make NO profit.

Jere: "How many times do you make gross generalities about what oiwi should think, feel, act and do?"

Me: I don't. I just happen to know thousands of Hawaiians and share some of their mana o. For example, according to you... all students at Kamehameha Schools are/were wealthy. Have you even attended Kamehameha? I didn't think so. Instead... you assume and make gross generalizations going so far as implying that Hawaiians are money grubbers off the U.S. government when in fact not all of them are.

Jere: "How many times to you apply the stereotypes of victimhood to all oiwi?

Me: That's the Haole way of thinking. That anyone who speaks up is a "victim." However you may want to look at Captain Cook. He was slaughtered. Victimhood? PLEASE... think again.

Note that some Hawaiians killed Captain James Cook at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii on or about February 14, 1779 which is depicted in this picture:


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