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Rare Forbes Documents

Here is a copy of an email that was sent to me from Kalani via Kikiloi Kekuewa who is the only mean Hawaiian to me ever. However the content of his email is very very important to me.

I prefaced it with this:

"I have blinded all email addresses to everyone who I am sending this forwarded information to. Please read it because I fully support Hui Malama and Eddie Ayau's attempts to protect the iwi. Something that is very very important to me. Please read:"

I will also be forwarding copies of these documents to my senators in three different states.

Here is the content. Please read and forward the information to others. Mahalo!:

Subject: Information on the Kawaihae Burial Caves

Aloha to the Native Hawaiian Community,

Attached are a series of articles and documents to help clear up this misinformation being spread by media concerning the lawsuit against the Bishop Museum and Hui Malama i na Kupuna o Hawai'i nei. Please take the time to read these items and educate your ohana on the issue. These documents will make it clear that they are indeed funerary objects associated with human remains. It will also become clear that this robbery in 1905 was illegal even by Territorial standards at the time and that Bishop Museum is clearly implicated in purchasing stolen iwi (human remains) and moepu (funerary objects).

Attached are:

1. An article written by Forbes himself in 1909 and published in the Paradise of the Pacific giving a detailed account of his robbery of the cave and the human remains he witnesses in context with the funerary objects.

2.Correspondance between Forbes and Brigham, Director of the Bishop Museum on Nov. 7, 1905, going over the items retrieved from the Kawaihae Burials Cave soliciting the sale of these items.

3.Reply correspondance between Brigham and Forbes on Nov. 11, 1905, admitting that this action is illegal with severe laws governing burial caves and that they should keep the matter private.

4. A estimate issued by the Museum on November 21, 1905 appraising the value of the stolen items at $472.00

Please disseminate this information through our community by forwarding them to your email lists. Let the truth be known.

Ola na iwi,
Kekuewa Kikiloi

I've uploaded the information here. Please read!

Click here to see rare Forbes Documents

Also please forward it to others to read. Mahalo!

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