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"What have you done to protect the iwi? The oiwi? Anything?"

Excerpts of a discussion where some people bash Hui Malama yet I bet they no do much to protect the iwi and/or the oiwi if at all:

Person A: So, what did Hui Malama spend a million dollars on in 2003? Or $148k in 2002 or $178k in 2001? They and Charlie Maxwell are clearly about money. The Native Hawaiian Legal Corp has defended many good causes over the years. They are being used by Hui Malama.

Person B: No maxwell and some of the others are in it for themselves $$$ they would fight for what they say is there kupuna but they wont fight for there Nation.

Its a reason why the state bird is the nene and not the ostrich. These guys got there heads buried in the sand so to speak.

Person C: I believe that the people of hui malama are audacious in believing that they and only they know what the right thing to do is.

Other Claimants are not without their own manao and may have been more open to hui malama had they not decided to shove their view down our throats.

It is not so much that they are wrong; as they are arogant. I do not want the moepu to be displayed as I do not want George Washington's grave to be dug up and the remians and moepu displayed.

Absolutes are not open to other reasonable views of religion.

How shame that Hawaiians can not get together and solve their problems and become a nation unto one. Money, power and fame are evils of the the other side, not the hawaiians.

Me: Well Hawaiians from the Big Island are known to fight with each other. Kamehameha comes to mind. Secondly I fully support Hui Malama I Na Kupuna O Hawaii Nei but I realize how much easier it is to criticize those people who try to protect the iwi and thus the oiwi while sitting at home watching TV and/or drinking at Starbucks while people like Ayau are trying to protect the iwi. I love it when people bitch about that considering that when they do what they do they are protecting the iwi that ALL Hawaiians share. How you like dat one. Now THAT is not pono... to be unappreciative.

What have YOU done to protect the iwi? The oiwi?


I didn't think so....

In any case in my opinion... just as Suganuma and Kawananakoa have the right to sue Hui Malama... Eddie Ayau has rights too.

I take this as a sign from my kupuna.

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