For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Eddie Ayau's sister

One of my friends Alfred told me she commented on her brother's (Eddie Ayau of Hui Malama) predicament. To me... this part was the most potent:

"Remember, with culture, comes kuleana. No make half ass. If you like the ki'i, then you better feed um and pray to um, and malama them like the kupuna did. If not, you mocking them, you mocking the tutus and what they believed in. Be careful, I ka olelo no ke ola, i ka olelo no ka make, you said it you meant it, you lied you died..."

Local people will most probably be able to understand this since it's a combination of American Standard diction, Olelo Oiwi, and Hawaii Creole English. Pretty cool!

Anyway right on for Hawaiians from da Big Island. They're the very ones who fight yet are often misunderstood but all people gotta do is remember that Kamehameha fought with other Hawaiians yet he ended up unifying the Hawaiian islands. Anyway I fully support Eddie Ayau. It should be obvious by now :-)

Operation Senatorial Intervention is in progress which is SUCH irony because we have our own laws (Kingdom of Hawaii laws) and the U.S. is illegally occupying our nation. Unfortunately Hawaiians don't have much of a choice or else we will either be jailed... or shot... and to me all of this is disrespectful to Hawaiians. Of course people respect Hawaii. Look at how many people "love" and respect Hawaii versus people who respect Hawaiians. The latter is very very rare. Just saying....

Tags: eddie ayau, edward halealoha ayau, hui malama

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