For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Fake or real

Kikiloi changed his name to "OLA NA IWI." Ola CAN mean:

"Life, health, well-being, living, livelihood, means of support, salvation; alive, living; curable, spared, recovered; healed; to live; to spare, save, heal, grant life, survive, thrive."

For years he has focused on the aina and on the plants. All of a sudden he focuses on the iwi? The very thing that defines Hawaiians and defines who we are?!?!?!

Yes... it annoys me greatly because he should be focusing on the iwi instead of bitching at me for protecting the iwi. Yes, there are a few Hawaiians who have done this.

It also annoys me because he is in a PhD program at the University of Hawaii so by default he has some of the worse burdens of all and that is to be a good example to other oiwi or "Hawaiians." To me he is a bad example but then who am I to talk? :P

Seriously... the educated Hawaiians have the burden of helping other Hawaiians and the burden of protecting the iwi. He should have realized this (that many other Hawaiians protect the iwi) a long time ago. Then again he is eight years younger than me so I will let it go this time since in the Hawaiian culture we have a saying:

He PU ko A kani AinA.

Or... "in time one will mature."

Likewise... in time he, Kikiloi, will mature and stop letting the personal issues that he has had with me for the last six years... interfere with protecting the iwi which is the very thing that is in all Hawaiians. He annoys me. Unfortunately he is Hawaiian so I have the burden of putting up with him and with other Hawaiians like him who are so insecure about themselves that they are blinded because they like to look at themselves instead of looking at protecting the iwi. Just saying....

My best-est friend in the whole wide world is a Hawaiian male who is super cool. My second best friend is another Hawaiian male who is cool with me too. My other friends who are Hawaiians... well family too... they are all cool with me. On the other hand, Kikiloi is uncool and definitely an oddball Hawaiian male.

Fortunately he is an oddball when it comes to Hawaiians. The majority of Hawaiians whom I know respect me and respect the iwi that is inside of me. On the other hand... he is an asshole as in an asshole Hawaiian. However like one of our olelo noeau states... in time... he will mature and perhaps either be a Major Asshole or a Humble Hawaiian. Only he can choose what his destiny is. Right now he is working up the ranks to "Major Asshole Hawaiian." Fortunately there are very very few of them in the ranks.

Tags: intra-national hawaiian relations
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