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Weekend in review

I treated my husband to a weekend getaway since he has practically everything that he could possibly ever want... or need... minus the desktop computer that I bought for him at a Costco near the Washington DC area which came unopened and touched and missing parts to it. Of course when I return I have to return the boxes since my husband does not "feel" like doing it. Actually a lady at a local DC area Costco told him that he could not return it. HUH? It states on the invoice that we can return computers purchased from Costco within 60 days so of course I contacted CEO Jim Senegal directly by certified letter because I hate it when people mess with me so when I return to the DC area on January 3rd I'll be returning it so that I can finally get rid of this Costco ordeal.

Well we spent time at the beach. I took lots of pictures which I will be posting later. Not sure when since I have so much paperwork to do. Geez.

On our way back to our house we stopped off to workout at a local Bally's. I worked out for about an hour and a half. It looked like this:

  • Elliptical trainer 30 minutes (HIIT) followed by five minutes ot walking on the indoor track
  • Some yoga
  • Shoulders
  • Biceps
  • Abs
  • Stretch

It was hard so afterwards we went to the hot tub then to the pool. Of course I wore my favorite white bikini. The highlight of my workout was... the hot tub *L*

Also I am seriously contemplating training with one of my husband's friends who is a professional powerlifter. Actually he recently earned his professional powerlifter card in 2005 in the 165 weight class. Well I am thinking about having him train me once per week since he very buffed and knowledgeable. Of course my husband does not want me to be trained by him since it may look as though I value his friend's opinion over his which is not true. I simply get distracted by my husband and when I train with him... I end up staring and gawking at my husband's muscular body *L*

Anyway I'm going to post a pic of a copy of his professional powerlifter card with his name censored of course. He is really bad ass too and I value bad ass people who practice what they preach. In any case I'd like him to train me once per week when I am at HomeHome. I will see.

Other than that... the new year is just around the corner. My number one goal is to try to do more good things things as I have done in 2005. Of course someone sent this email to me about one of the websites that I maintain so it's one gauge (one of many) that I will continue doing what I am doing and that is to protect the iwi that is inside each and every Hawaiian... even the rotten Hawaiians and there are a handful. However I will NOT make the innocent Hawaiians pay for what the guilty Hawaiians have done. For example, just because Kikiloi is upset at me for personal immature reasons... I will not make the innocent Hawaiians pay for his nastiness, ugliness, and hewa-ness. No sirree. I will NOT make the innocent Hawaiians pay for what he does and/or for what he has done to me just because he's mad at me for personal immature reasons LOL (I wish I could post the reasons but I won't. I'm not hewa like him das why heehee)

In any case this is what someone sent to me yesterday:

"Kristine Kualii Calvert's Comments are:

I would just like to say that finding your site and reading it made me happy that someone is trying to educate and show people how important our heritage is. I have had many discussions with people claiming they are hapa or Hawaiian without even understanding what it is..Thank you again for sharing your site."

I have to thank people like HER for appreciating how important that particular website is because without it... many people would continue to misappropriate part of the Hawaiian culture and I simply will not aid and abet that crime against the iwi (or "bones") so thanks to her... for taking the time out to read the website and also thanks to her for noticing that I am protecting part of the iwi which is the Hawaiian language. Of course some people see what they want to see....

Well Operation Popolo (popolo is a GOOD slang for "black people" in the Hawaiian language) is almost done and should be done soon. It's the one which I report the lack of basic cleanliness at a local DC area gym as well as lack of good customer service at a Sam's Club which I think is based on the fact that the neighborhood is predominantly popolo. One thing that I do not appreciate is when there are double standards so of course my horns are still out about it because I think it is unfair and unjust that popolo people have substandard amenities and service. That's not right. Anyway time to get back to pretend work. Fortunately I get to have some aku palu soon so I am very very happy.

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