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Please support Hawaiian culture: Donate... it's tax deductible

Someone sent this info to me. Please donate what you can because awa is very important in the Hawaiian culture and an important part of Hawaiian culture. My belief is that we should not make the innocent pay for what the guilty have done (in terms of some Hawaiians being nasty to me) and that is why I'm donating $100 pronto. Note that you can donate as little as $1 (or more if you'd like.) Also note that all donations to Hale Ohe are tax deductible! So PLEASE donate too. Mahalo in advance:

Aloha to all supporters of the Hawaiian culture and arts,

Hale Noa, the Hawaiian ‘awa bar on Kapahulu Avenue, is in trouble.

For the past 6 years, Hale Noa’s patronage, while promising, has not been enough to sustain the business. Without your help, Hale Noa is going to close at the end of January.

Hale Noa's purpose is to facilitate the continuation of the Hawaiian language and the highly cultured practice of socially consuming ‘awa (kava, kava kava, Piper methysticum) in traditional form: as a communion-inspiring water-based suspension of constituents derived from mature organic (sustainably grown) ‘awa root, and with mahalo (appreciation/respect) for ‘awa's role as a symbol of harmonious participation.

Hale Noa is also home to the Solomon Enos Art Gallery and regularly hosts live local music. Some of you may have experienced Sol’s progressive yet culturally appropriate art and the musicianship of Barry Flanagan, Ernie Cruz Jr., Michael Tanenbaum, Kamau, Round & Round, Innersession, and The Girlas, all of whom can be found regularly jamming and creating there.

Hale Noa has been a sanctuary for many of the socially aware, critically thinking, and creative individuals and groups of our community for years. It has also been one of the few places where the Hawaiian language can be heard being used to conduct business outside of academia.

We would like all this to continue, and with your help it can! Your increased patronage will make all the difference!

You can also join or make a tax-deductable donation to He ‘Ohe, the non-profit arm for Hale Noa, and help achieve He ‘Ohe’s mission: To honor and promote the Hawaiian culture and arts by supporting its practitioners in their respectful employment of cultural knowledge, their exercise of Hawaiian values, their sustainable implementation of cultural materials, and their use of the Hawaiian language. This means keeping Hale Noa going.

Please fill out the membership/donation form below, and turn it in at or mail it to:

Hale Noa c/o He ‘Ohe
766 Kapahulu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816


____ I would like to make a donation of $ ______________
(Even a small donation of ten or twenty dollars is greatly appreciated!)
Please make checks payable to: He ‘Ohe

____ I would like an honorary annual membership to He ‘Ohe ($100).
Honorary members will receive a membership discount card for two free bowls of ‘awa at Hale Noa every month for one year and two Hale Noa decals (a value of $136.00).

____ I would like an annual membership to He ‘Ohe ($50).
Members will receive a membership discount card for one free bowl of ‘awa at Hale Noa every month for one year (a value of $63.00).

____ I would like an annual student membership to He ‘Ohe ($40).
Student members will receive a membership discount card for one free bowl of ‘awa at Hale Noa every month for one year (a value of $63.00). (Photocopy of valid student ID required.)

Name ______________________ Email ________________ Phone ____________

Address __________________ City __________________ State _____ Zip ______

Info about the kava bar is here:

* Mahalo to M. Kesa for sharing this information with me.

Note from me: This "cause" is very very important to me so PLEASE forward this to other people. Please ask them to donate too. Note that all contributions to the non-profit Hale Ohe are tax deductible. Mahalo in advance.

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