For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Hawaiians who live abroad

I posed this question to other Hawaiians:

"I'm curious if Hawaiians who remain in the islands look down on Hawaiians who have moved away? If so... why?"

Of course it is a rhetorical question because I know that some Hawaiians look down on other Hawaiians who have moved away and who live abroad temporarily or permanently.

It makes me wonder what they think of Molokaians and Mauians who migrated to O ahu?

Oh wait. Some of their own ancestors moved from Niihau, Molokai, and/or Maui to O ahu... yet they are so quick to judge those Hawaiians who moved from Hawaii to the continental U.S. and/or beyond.

To me... being Hawaiian is irrelevant of location.

That is, the iwi is inside of us no matter what we do... or where we are. Unfortunately some Hawaiians look down on those of us who live abroad which is very very sad.

The irony? Some of these people claim to be sooooo Hawaiian yet when they judge those Hawaiians who live(d) abroad... it only shows how disrespectful they are to the iwi (that all Hawaiians share) and to me... that isn't being Hawaiian considering that there are only about 401,062 Hawaiians left in this world we are a dying breed. You would think that they would respect the iwi instead of being so damned nasty to the iwi who have left the islands by choice or by force.

Have the colonized become colonizers?

It's as though some Hawaiians have adopted that Haole mentality from our Haole colonizers of looking DOWN at Hawaiians.

Just saying....

Anyway I hope that some Hawaiians treat other Hawaiians better. I mean... how can they treat the Hawaiian language, the aina, and/or the birds well yet not treat other Hawaiians well? Without Hawaiians they would not BE so I hope these Hawaiians treat other Hawaiians better.

    You know... like:

  • not assuming that because a Hawaiian moves away from Hawaii means that they hate Hawaii

  • not assuming that because a Hawaiian has a Haole first and last name that they are not Hawaiian

  • not assuming that what other Hawaiians do is hewa when in fact it may be because they are protecting the iwi which is anything BUT hewa.

Just saying.

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