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One thing that I have noticed lately is that some Hawaiians BLAME Haole people for all of the problems of today. Unfortunately one of our enemies is ourselves.

For example, some Hawaiians have a Haole mentality. The Hawaiian mentality of respect for one's elders is slowly being replaced by the Haole mentality that is a disrespectful one to one's elders.

In fact I have never been so disrespected than by younger Hawaiians! I remember respecting my Hawaiian elders... even if I didn't know who they were. But nowadays... DAYUM!

I have come across 30 year olds who address me as though I am one of their children. THAT is a Haole mentality.

Do they see that? Do they take personal responsibility?

Of course not. After all it's easier to blame Haole people for forcing them to disrespect me, right? Because DAYUM... some Hawaiian youth are so disrespectful which is very HAOLE to me... and yeah... I am part Haole so I can see this very easily.

Who is responsible?

It makes me wonder what their parents taught them about the Hawaiian culture. Or better yet... do they know the Hawaiian culture like how they CLAIM they do? Because some Hawaiian youth like to BRAG and/or BOAST about knowing our language yet damn... they no respect their Hawaiian elders which is HEWAHEWA.

It's quite sad because I am referring to SOME fellow Kamehameha Schools graduates. And DAMN some of them who are younger than me are so disrespectful. Auwe! Of course Kikiloi comes to mind:

Note this part, "I will make you pay." That part still bothers me.

Anyway is this what other Hawaiians are teaching their children??? PLEASE tell me "No."

* Note: I have censored his name because I KNOW that he will find out... then flip out. However this is one example which shows some Hawaiian youths' total lack of respect for Hawaiian elders which seems common these days. Unfortunately.

Next topic: Some Hawaiians look down on Hawaiians who live abroad.


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Dec. 19th, 2005 07:29 pm (UTC)
i don't think blaming haoles for their problems is unique to hawaiians. working for the Tribe, i saw several people who would hate on Weigahs (white people) due to several things. A lot of it was learned hate. their grandparents were oppresed, beaten, killed, families torn apart, etc. that hate was passed down. hate like that breeds ignorance.

I also saw people getting drunk/high and blaming it on "the white man." the "white man" didn't force you to bring that bottle to your lips or smoke that meth.

I understand how families can pass down "hate", but don't really agree with it. I don't really see it as any different from southern white families hating blacks and vice versa.

I would love to see indigenous peoples worldwide stop hating and starting to focus on healing themselves and their communities. Stop falling upon the "white man did this to my ancestors so I can never survive/do well" b.s. I worked with a woman who would routinely go off about how society treats her for being a "brown woman", who claimed teachers would not let her do well in school, etc. Funny thing is, she looks like she was from Spain or Portugal, not Yurok or Native American. She was already giving up and not even willing to do her schoolwork, as she rather fall back on saying "she will never get by due to her skin color."

If I could go back in time and wave a magic wand, I would...

P.S sorry I reply so much...you do write things that warrent them though! even if you don't like leonard's malasadas.
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