For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

About a possible memorial for Hawaiians who signed the Ku E Anti-Annexation Petition

Hewa (pronounced "heh-vah") can mean:

"Mistake, fault, error, sin, blunder, defect, offense, guilt, crime, vice; wrong, incorrect, wicked, sinful, guilty; to err, miss, mismanage, fail, mis-."

Question posed by someone else: "Do we correct past wrongs by inflicting injustice on the majority of people in Hawai'i alive today?"

My response: Exactly... and the source of all this hewa-ness is the small group of rich haole dudes.

Their selfish actions affects Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians today so it's difficult to resolve such an injustice. To resolve it with more injustice makes it even more hewa. Thus the Catch-22 of being Hawaiian (as in oiwi).... Also if a Hawaiian dare speaks up of this injustice they are mistakenly viewed as anti-American when they are really being anti-hewahewa. Or worse... as a "militant" as though we are gonna shoot people or something.

Tags: hawaiian sovereignty, hawaiian sovereignty activists, hawaiians who protest, kue petition

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