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Gordon Pang and Kealii Reichel

I like seeing underdogs come out on top especially some writers with the local Hawaii papers. For example, Gordon Pang. He is so cool. He responded to my request about the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

I sent this to him:

"I am not sure if you or other reporters are aware but the emails on the Office of Hawaiian Affairs website,, do not work. I don't know if this is done purposefully... or not... but I am beginning to wonder that for an entity with an annual budget of about $300 million plus per year their email does not work? So far I have not been able to contact them via email which makes me wonder how many other Hawaiians are unable to contact them via email. Please look into this for me. Mahalo."

I guess he left the Honolulu StarBulletin in 2002 to write for the Honolulu Advertiser. He is definitely a busy man. Well today he responded to me telling me it's happened before and that he would try to get at the bottom of it. He is cool.

Well what I like is when reporters like him (the cool ones LOL) get a hold of stories like this... not to hurt the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. Instead to make them do better.

This is not limited to Hawaiians. I also bitch and gripe about small things like what happens at airports, stores, etc. My husband even teases me about it but every thing that I do and have done is done so that the next person after me does not have to deal with the same nastiness, mistreatment, disrespect, etc.

Which reminds me... my next project is Operation Popolo. I call it that because one of the gyms where I workout at is not maintained well and I think it's because the neighborhood is predominantly popolo (NICE slang for "black" in Hawaiian.) It's not right that other gyms in the same chain are maintained well yet that one is not just because it's in a predominantly popolo neighborhood? NO... thus one of my current projects. I just do not like B.S. That's all so I usually take pictures to prove it then send my exhibits as evidence and yes... my husband teases me about it but I would rather be teased than have someone else suffer from low standards :-) So right now one of my projects is Operation Popolo which is a two-parter: at the gym and at the local Sam's Club. I do not like how popolo people... actually PEOPLE... suffer from sub-standard service based on their race. Operation Popolo should be done by the end of this month.

Also I think Kealii Reichel from Maui. Seriously... some of my family come from Kaupo and Paia, Maui too but most people dunno. Anyway here is one of his CDs. I highly suggest that people buy one if not all of his CDs. Damn... the guy can sing! I even listen to it while driving in the Washington DC area. Yes... I am really impressed with his music which is very rare:

Kealii Reichel

Even my Haole blue-eyes-and-blonde-hair husband likes his music and my husband loves the Beatles, classic rock, rap, reggaeton, and hip hop :O He's THAT good. Anyway he gets my thumbs up. If I ever met him... I would freeze up... then faint *L* Seriously... his music speaks to my soul. That is why.

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