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EHa a PA i na leo

EHa a PA i na leo:

Early this morning I read an article at and noticed a Hawaii-Colombia connection. One of my friends is from Colombia but I did not know about this protestor from Hawaii who was shot by FARC in 1999. Of course I don't know if she is Hawaiian or not because sometimes some Haole people are given a Hawaiian name by a Hawaiian OR in some cases... a Hawaiian looks Haole and are mistaken for Haole.

My plea/request to other Hawaiians:

Which reminds me... sometimes some Hawaiians are cruel to those Hawaiians who look Haole. I know that many Hawaiians read my Livejournal: PLEASE think twice and do not ASSUME that the Haole-looking Hawaiian is not Hawaiian. I know a couple of Hawaiians who have naturally blonde hair (from the Supe family) and there are some Hawaiians these days such as myself who have bottle blonde hair. No matter what... PLEASE do not assume that just because the person looks Haole that s/he is not Hawaiian. For example, I don't know if this protestor was Hawaiian or not but even if she was not... a life is a life and I would like other Hawaiians to show some respect for those Hawaiians who look Haole such as this person who may be Hawaiian.

That is... PLEASE show some compassion to those Hawaiians whom you think are Haole. For example... my first and last names are HAOLE but being Hawaiian is not in the name nor in the face. It is in the iwi(!) or "bones." We MUST remember that. Likewise we MUST also remember that there are some Hawaiians who are cruel to other Hawaiians but we MUST not let the innocent pay for what the guilty have done. And I know it can be difficult since rich Haole men hurt our nation and our people and continue to do so... but that does NOT mean that just because someone is Haole that they are out to hurt our nation and our people. PLEASE remember that. Anyway here is the photo and articles about this protestor:


Lahe'ena'e Gay, shown here in 1992, was among three Americans killed in South America in 1999. A federal grand jury indicted a Colombian rebel group on Tuesday for the slayings.


"Meanwhile, a Colombian court said Tuesday that a top FARC commander was convicted in absentia for co-masterminding the 1999 kidnapping and killing of three U.S. activists.

FARC military chief Jorge Briceno was sentenced to 39 years in prison for aggravated homicide, kidnapping for extortion and rebellion, said a statement released by the Penal Court of Arauca.

The bullet-ridden bodies of pro-Indian activists Terence Freitas, 24, of Los Angeles; Ingrid Washinawatok, 41, of New York City; and Lahe'ena'e Gay, 39, of Pahoa, Hawaii, were found in a Venezuelan pasture just across the Colombian border on March 5, 1999, one week after they were kidnapped.

Briceno's brother, German Briceno -- who was the FARC commander in the eastern Arauca state, near where the activists died -- was also convicted of masterminding the killings and sentenced in 2001. Neither brother has been captured."

Then from the Honolulu StarBulletin at

"Gay, 41, and two other Americans -- Ingrid Washinawatock, 41, and Terence Freitas, 24 -- were visiting northwestern Colombia at the invitation of the U'wa tribe to help establish a school system sensitive to the native culture and free of government and missionary influences, friends said.

Their truck was halted by armed rebels, and they were taken away in a car for questioning on Feb. 25, 1999.

About a week later, a farmer on the Venezuelan border heard gunshots and found their bodies in a field.

The rebel group Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia has admitted responsibility but refused to turn over responsible members to Colombian or U.S. authorities."

Then a more comprehensive report from the BBC:

In Colombia, about 3,000 people die per year in their civil war... and it doesn't affect only Colombians (nationality.) It has affected the U.S., Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York... the list goes on:

Terence Freitas of Los Angeles

Lahe'ena'e Gay of Pahoa, Hawaii

Ingrid Washinawatok of New York City

Seen at

They defended indigenous people... and they were murdered. Of course people who defend indigenous people or popolo people or Jewish people or people are murdered in the U.S. too. That's just human nature though and still sad and shocking on many levels. I'm still a hardcore Republican though... as in war is a part of human nature. Civil and otherwise. Just saying.

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