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For the Betterment of ALL Hawaiians

For those Hawaiians who read my blog here... this is what I sent to Haunani Apoliona. (Yes, I am working on a Sunday but I am going to the beach tomorrow then on Tuesday lol) Their email and fax do NOT work so will be sent via snail certified mail tomorrow morning:

"To Haunani Apoliona, Chairperson:

I have tried to send email to the two email addresses on the website and also tried to send this via fax. NONE work. I would like you to know that your call for unity is not going to work. If you remember Hawaiian history, Hawaiians especially in Kau, Hawaii some Hawaiians fought back so did Kamehameha. As a Hawaiian I am shocked that you have called for unity without realizing that unity does not mean that Hawaiians have to agree with you nor with each other because we won't. A look at our history would tell you that and that is why we are fighting and will continue to fight with each other just as Kamehameha did and I am disappointed that you as one of our so-called leaders did not remember Kamehameha since it was due to his fighting with other Hawaiians that he united the Hawaiian Islands. I am thoroughly disappointed in the so-called leadership at OHA.

Also as a Hawaiian my vote remains "Aole" for the Akaka Bill. Instead of spending one million dollars or so to try to shove it down Hawaiians' throat, OHA does a disservice to Hawaiians when that money could have been spent on more important things like combating diabetes and/or developing a taro patch and/or creating a consortium for Hawaiian food like poi, ake, and aku palu all of which are important to our people and to our culture. It also shows a total lack of respect for our history. I have already told Senator Akaka that I do not want the Akaka Bill and I am informing OHA that I do not want the Akaka Bill and will continue to refuse a vote of confidence for this bill. I would appreciate it if the board stops spending money frivolously as well and instead spend the money for the betterment of ALL Hawaiians... not just those on the board and/or their relatives.

Lastly I am a webmaster of a website and I wrote about OHA. Someone recently sent this to me probably because the emails at do not work:

“can someone please help me and my sister. she is in desperate need of eye surgery, she has an artificial eye as a young child. but now an adult she needs surgery.her orbit in the artifical makes her eye bleed every day. she is 49 years old, of hawaiian ancestry. but her and her husband cannot afford medical. he and her are not working, she injured herself on her job a couple of years ago, and her husband has a tumor I think in his lung, where he cannot work as an construction worker. Can someone please call me or email me with information on agencies that can help her with her surgery. They said it would cost an est. of $10,000. right now because of no medical she owes a bill on Kauai in the amount of $6,000. The Dr. knows that her and the husband cannot afford to pay, so they pay ________ my home is __________. Aloha and thank anyone out there who can help our sister, not to lose her eyesight.
Her name is ____________________.”


“my email address is”

I can only imagine how many other Hawaiians have tried to contact OHA via email and via facsimile to no avail which is insulting to us considering that OHA had a budget of about $320 million last year yet it cannot afford to maintain a reliable email system? Please look into this for me. Mahalo."

A screen capture of it:

I'm also sending this to some reporters for the local papers so that they can see for themselves that the emails listed at do not work:

"I am not sure if you or other reporters are aware but the emails on the Office of Hawaiian Affairs website,, do not work. I don't know if this is done purposefully... or not... but I am beginning to wonder that for an entity with an annual budget of about $300 million plus per year their email does not work? So far I have not been able to contact them via email which makes me wonder how many other Hawaiians are unable to contact them via email. Please look into this for me. Mahalo."

Helping Hawaiians? I don't think so... and I want it reported and on record so that they help ALL Hawaiians as they are mandated by law to do... not just help themselves and/or their friends and relatives.

  • Also I contacted J. Kehaulani Kauanui, PhD, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Wesleyan University and she agreed to contribute her mana o to one of my websites. Of course I should have contacted her about two years ago. Unfortunately that is how long it usually takes me to tend to my emails. Is that long... or is that long... but she is pro-Hawaiian (Hawaiian as in "oiwi") so she is cool in my book.

  • She gave to me Anne Keala Kelly's email address. Have I contacted her yet? No... cuz I scared *LOL* Nah... she advocates against non-Kanaka appropriation of our Hawaiian language so to me she is cool and it totally amazes me that she is addressing the illegal occupation of the U.S. military in Hawaii so of course... I freeze up in awe of her. I will try to thaw out by tomorrow morning then contact her when I pau thawing out :O I actually get really nervous when it comes to people whom I admire so it takes me a little while longer to move because I am frozen in awe. Seriously.

  • Another Hawaiian who shall remain nameless told me that they hate Hawaii because of the ignorant people and the crowded islands. When they told me that... my heart sank and my eyes welled with tears. I cannot put how I felt into words but not all Hawaiians are alike and it was unfair for them to group everyone in Hawaii as ignorant. Come to think of it... if they were someone else then I would have ignored them a long time ago because I am one of those people from Hawaii yet they talk to ME LOL Instead I remain friends with them despite them telling me that they hate Hawaii because if and when someone tells me that they hate Hawaii they are basically saying that they hate ME:

    My Super Duper Equations:

    He Hawaii au = "I am Hawaii" = "I am Hawaiian"

    I hate Hawaii = "I hate you"

    Well I hope this person reads this entry *LOL*

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