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My mana o about Hawaiian music by Hawaiians

Kealii Reichel... I LOVE HIS MUSIC. I even listen to it when I am in the Washington DC area. It's just as yummy to me as aku palu. Hawaiian music and aku palu = total ecstacy.

I miss Home but I try really hard to forget that I left everything and everyone that I have ever known. That way I won't become frozen in fear... or worse... cry.

Another theory of mine... that one of the Brothers Cazimero,

Roland, was targeted for domestic violence against his girlfriend (I cannot find any news article online but I remember reading about it years ago) in order to suppress the Hawaiian language because if and when the native language is suppressed... so are its people. By suppressing him... they tried to suppress the Hawaiian language and thus the Hawaiian people. They even lost their gig at one of the major hotels in Waikiki. To me... that is overt suppression using "domestic violence" as the tool to try to make a criminal out of Roland. It happens with indigenous people. That is... if they do not like you they can either take you out OR they make a criminal out of you.

That is why I LOVE IT when Hawaiians sing Hawaiian music because it covertly fights and defies the suppression of our language. Just like the Hawaiian language. It's strong... yet seems weak. It's poetic... yet seems too simple to be poetic. It's my favorite music after heavy metal, classical, hip hop, rap, country, and reggaeton... for a reason. That is... it's cryptic. It's an epitome of "code."

Hawaiian music also epitomizes its people as in "we are survivors." Despite all of the crap that we have been through and continue to go through... we are still around which is pretty amazing actually. I mean... when the Japanese attacked the U.S. military on December 7, 1941 in Pearl Harbor... all hell broke loose. Did they care about Hawaiians? NO. They still do not. All they wanted was Pearl Harbor. We meant nothing to them. We still mean nothing to them. That is why Hawaiian music amazes me so much and why I am in total awe of it: It symbolizes SO much. Also... it shows that we ARE something even though they (the U.S. government) treated us as though we were nothing and continue to treat us as though we are nothing.

Just saying... I LOVE Hawaiian music as much as I LOVE aku palu.

Revised: Especially for other Hawaiians who read this -

Unfortunately, despite the fact that I am a registered REPUBLICAN (as well as a citizen of the Nation of Hawaii)... someone from the U.S. Department of State visited my blog today at approximately 2:39:23 pm.


One thing I don't like is wasteful spending. Shouldn't they use our tax dollars on watching the terrorists instead of on watching me? I don't mind being watched at all and I know that they can find me if and when they want to find me since I am on the "grid" but I am not the one terrorizing people here and/or abroad. Just saying.

Then again it reminds me that I MUST increase my running so that I can look as hot and sexy as I possibly can... just in case. I'm only joking.

Speaking of joking... this is what Kalani told me in response to this discovery:

"so what does that mean? Stat gov....that could be even a custodian jumped
on someone's computer, right? lol"

Uh NO... I no tink so LOL

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