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The Office of Hawaiian Affairs and their definition of "unity"

While I agree with OHA Chairperson Haunani Apoliona that other Hawaiians should seek unity... to her it seems as though "unity" means to agree with her and say Yes to the Akaka Bill. That is NOT unity. This unity that she speaks of does not come from Hawaiians agreeing with her. NO. Like with Kamehameha... unity developed from FIGHTING. That is what is happening and that is part of our history.

Here is a story about her which only shows how some Hawaiians are motivated by money and/or power and/or fame but I am biased as I am related to OHA Trustee from Maui Boyd Mossman who should be doing more for Hawaiians. For example, like spending the million dollars or so that they spent trying to shove the Akaka Bill down Hawaiians' throats... I mean... instead of marketing. They SHOULD have used that money to better the lives of Hawaiians which they have yet to do.

I do not and will not put my vote of confidence for the Akaka Bill. My vote is a resounding NO! Or... aole. NO! My vote is against the Akaka Bill. I do NOT want it. I even told Senator Akaka that I do NOT want it.

I also refuse a vote of confidence to the entire board of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. I am not confident in their leadership AT ALL and they do NOT speak for me. Hawaiians are not pawns in your little chess game of power.

Edit: This is a copy of the email that I sent to her:

To Haunani Apoliona:

I have tried to send email to the other email address on the website and it does not work but I would like Haunani Apoliona to know that her call for unity is not going to work. If she remembers the Hawaiians especially in Kau, Hawaii these Hawaiians fought back so did Kamehameha. As a Hawaiian I am shocked that she has called for unity without realizing that unity does not mean that Hawaiians have to agree with her because we won't. A look at our history would tell her that and that is why we are fighting and will continue to fight with each other just as Kamehameha did and I am disappointed that one of our so-called leaders did not remember Kamehameha since it was due to his fighting with other Hawaiians that he united the Hawaiian Islands. I am thoroughly disappointed in the so-called leadership at OHA.

Also as a Hawaiian my vote remains "Aole" for the Akaka Bill. Instead of spending one million dollars or so to try to shove it down Hawaiians' throat does a disservice to Hawaiians when that money could have been spent on more important things like combating diabetes and/or developing a taro patch and/or creating a consortium for Hawaiian food like poi, ake, and aku palu all of which are important to our people and to our culture. It also shows a total lack of respect for our history. I have already told Senator Akaka that I do not want the Akaka Bill and I am informing OHA that I do not want the Akaka Bill and will continue to refuse a lack vote of confidence for this bill. I would appreciate it if the board stops spending money frivolously as well and instead spend the money for the betterment of ALL Hawaiians... not just those on the board and/or their relatives.


I didn't re-read it before sending but it's not as though they listen to Hawaiians tsk tsk

Damn it. The email was bounced back so BOTH emails on their website do not work. How do they expect Hawaiians to contact them online? Come on. $323 million annual budget and their email does not work. Like I said... I do not have confidence in the so-called leadership at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs AT ALL.

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