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My theory: He was Collateral Damage

Today a U.S. citizen was shot and killed in Miami, Florida. My theory is that this will be happening to many more Americans instead of the "real" terrorists who terrorize this country and abroad:

My theory is we are under martial law and many law enforcement officials will shoot first then ask questions later as in this case. So far reports have indicated that there was no bomb in this man's backpack. They subsequently conveniently destroyed his luggage erasing all evidence that could possibly have shown that he was not a danger to himself nor to others:

Added: Also so far no civilians can nor has supported the claim by air marshals that the man said that they heard him say that he had a bomb. That is, so far no one has stated that they heard him say that he had a bomb. No one.

Be careful, Americans. You may be next:

Another theory of mine is that this was done purposefully to show the terrorists that "we" mean business. Another... he was collateral damage. It scares me actually because if our government can do this to him then they could do it to ME or to one of my loved ones. Just saying.

I suspect that this order came from the "top" down (as in the President of the U.S. down) as in anything else. It comes from the "top" down so I do not blame these law enforcement officials. Their job is to enforce the law. That is... martial law. Again... this is only my theory.

In the meantime, see you at the gun range with my t-shirt that says, "Pro Self-Preservation American."



1. Two people who were interviewed talked about God and praying... yet they sure had no problem that these shooters murdered this man. To date there was no bomb found. Makes you wonder.

2. These shooters were trained. As in trained to kill. They could have shot to injure but no. My theory is that their order was and is TO KILL. In this case to me the killing was murder as in wrongful killing.

3. I travel a lot between HomeHome and Washington DC. Sometimes I act weird. Will they shoot me too then claim that I said I had a bomb with no witnesses to confirm such assertion?

4. I know that many people are desensitized but me as someone's wife... I have a husband and I think it is wrong to shoot to kill when they could have shot to injure as these are trained marksmen. They are not amateur ones. They are professionals but like I've stated... many Americans are desensitized but I as someone's wife... I have a husband and if that happened to me I would be deeply saddened so I feel for his wife. Unfortunately many people simply don't feel. A result of being desensitized. As a Hawaiian... I know what our government is capable of doing and continues to do AND get away with it. Just saying....

5. I am a registered Republican and do not wish to bash President Bush. However I can say that this country is really screwed up in some ways.

6. They were allegedly married for 22 years (see If I lost my husband then I would lose my world. If I lost aku palu then I would lose my WORLD. If I were her... I would sue the government for destroying her world but that's just me. My husband IS my world. She just lost hers of allegedly 22 years or so.

7. Other married people can probably understand what I mean by this. Just saying.

Also please note that I live with my husband in Florida. I should have mentioned that before but alot of people read this and I do not wish to be stalked. It is important that I state that I live in Florida (as well as near Washington DC) so yes... this story hits VERY close to me as I live VERY close to Miami. Our government scares me. If and when they want to take you out... they can and they will. I know because I am Hawaiian. They did it to US and continue to do it to us just because they wanted Pearl Harbor. They just took Hawaiians out and almost destroyed us, our language, and our culture... so I am a bit scared of our government. Ever since I was a little girl being born and raised in Hawaii... I have always felt this way so don't mind me :O

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