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Pro surfer dies at Banzai Pipeline

This is why I do not like Hawaiian curses. Some people may remember but Kikiloi cursed me and I take Hawaiian curses very seriously. Anyway sometimes when curses are made in Hawaiian... innocent people get hurt which I don't like. In this case a surfer from Moorea, Tahiti was killed at Banzai Pipeline. Anyway we Hawaiians have an olelo noeau:

Aia ke ola i ka waha, aia ka make i ka waha.

"Life is in the mouth, death is in the mouth."

That is... words are very powerful so be very careful when speaking and/or writing and choose your words wisely. I have to constantly remind myself of this. More so within the last year. In fact I have really toned it down lol Before I used to cuss online and offline. Nowadays I try very hard not to cuss so much.

Unfortunately a professional surfer died. He was only 25 :(

Malik Joyeux walked up the beach after finishing his trials in the Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters at the Banzai Pipeline last Dec. 8.

More than 50 people held hands in a circle on the beach at Banzai Pipeline after the death of professional surfer Malik Joyeux of Tahiti. Joyeux failed to surface after being buried by a wave. Surfers said the 6- to 10-foot waves were "not unusually rough."

Lifeguards and a firefighter rushed surfer Malik Joyeux to an ambulance after he was pulled from the water. The force of a wave broke his board and ripped the leash off his ankle. It took rescuers about 10 minutes to find Joyeux underwater, 200 yards from where he wiped out.

Pro surfer dies at Banzai Pipeline

Also my husband just reminded me that many people in the civil rights movement were shot and/or attacked. I love it how he makes me worry about my personal safety but I have full confidence in Hawaiian men. Most not all of them are alright like Derek K. and Keanu Sai. I remember Keanu Sai in high school. He was nice to me. (I should have mentioned that but I wanted to see if people would jump to conclusions which of course some people did.) Well I do have full confidence that Hawaiian men WOULD protect me because they have. Alot of them anyway hehe I have no doubt about that but I have a black belt just in case (LOL) plus I'm going to the shooting range just in case I am attacked. (That's one of my immediate goals is to sharpen my defensive skills and to increase my physical and mental training.) Paranoid? No... I don't think so lol Anyway I sent the screen capture to Kalani aka maldito since he has told me that I am paranoid. I wonder what he will tell me when he sees the screen capture lol (Hint: Look at the "IP Address." It states "Central Intelligence Agency" LOL)

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