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This is what I told Jere as he mistakenly think that all Hawaiians romanticize our history. That is, Hawaiian history:

"Sweetie pie Jere,

You also forget that MANY Hawaiians already know about Hawaiians who killed their own people like chiefs Hala ea, Ko ihala and Kohaikalani in Ka U, Hawaii. Romance? Perhaps that is what you want to see. That way you try to deflect this one of many shames of our government but Hawaiians in Ka U killed some of their chiefs. Does THAT sound romantic to you? I didn't think so."

Jere is pretty cool though and I think he is coming around. Around to the point where he realizes that Ken Conklin does not talk about other race-based programs nor does he ever talk about Jere *LOL* Seriously... Ken ONLY discusses Hawaiians and I have a problem with that. I mean... talk about a variety of people, places, and things. A variety of issues. Not just about Hawaiians. So far he does not and his ideas, words, and actions all lead me to believe that he is racist against Hawaiians.

Of course Scott K. is so upset at me. GOSH! He and I have a "history" and just yesterday he bit my head off and spit it out after I pointed out that there is nothing hewa or "wrong" with protecting our iwi and that there is nothing hewa or "wrong" with stopping rapists from raping our culture. Sorry but each of us picks and chooses our own battles. Sometimes Hawaiians even fight with each other like how Scott K. and I did but I STILL support his work and in his own way he stops rapists from raping Northwestern Hawaiian Islands literally and figuratively as in its history. So yes... we have fought six years ago and we just recently fought yesterday. Romantic? I don't think so. However I STILL fully support pro-Hawaiians as to BE pro-Hawaiian means that these Hawaiians (and non-Hawaiians) protect the iwi (or "bones") and/or they stop rapists from raping our culture. I give them credit for that and continue to support them and their work but yes... we do argue and we do fight both of which are unromantic. That is... we are REAL. Anyway I fully support pro-Hawaiians. I wish more people would too.

Note: "hewa" pronounces "heh-vah" can mean:

"Mistake, fault, error, sin, blunder, defect, offense, guilt, crime, vice; wrong, incorrect, wicked, sinful, guilty"

Tags: it is not hewa to protect the iwi, it is not hewa to stop rapists, jere krischel, racism against hawaiians

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