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MySpace and the Bureau of Indian Affairs

My Space

Fortunately S.K. has not banished me from the puuhonua. For those who don't know... Pu uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park preserves is the site where, up until the early 19th century, Hawaiians who broke a kapu or one of the ancient laws against the gods could avoid certain death by fleeing to this place of refuge or "pu uhonua". The offender would absolved by a priest and freed to leave. Defeated warriors and non-combatants could also find refuge here during times of battle. The grounds just outside the Great Wall that encloses the pu uhonua were home to several generations of powerful chiefs. It looks like this:

That is... it's where I seek refuge with other Hawaiians though I descend from some of these high-powered chiefs near South Kealia, Kona, Hawaii :) So far I am surprised that S.K. has not banished me as about six years ago he was so upset at me. On the level of the Hawaiian as individuals first and foremost (superceding the nation of Hawaii as well as the culture of Hawaii.) Anyway I am shocked that he hasn't deleted my responses nor has he banished me from a Puuhonua of MySpace yet. Does this mean that there is hope that Hawaiians will work together instead of against each other? So far... that's what it seems but I can be banished by S.K. at ANY time from this Pu uhonua which of course scares me. I even told Kalani aka maldito that I'm scared that I'm gonna be banished. Again... he laughs AT ME but I don't think it's funny lol Anyway I'm a person who is unafraid... but when it comes to being Hawaiian... some things scare me. S.K. is the only Hawaiian who scares me which I won't fully explain here. However I can say that "pu u honua" can mean:

1. nvi. Place of refuge, sanctuary, asylum, place of peace and safety. KUlanakauhale puuhonua (Nah. 35.11), cities of refuge.

2. n. A level area, as used for game sites; also used for grave plots in Puna.

U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs

About three or four times today someone or some people from the Bureau of Indian Affairs has been spying on me here at my Livejournal. I do not blame them for an uncolonized mind is a threat to the colonizer(s.) That's for those deep thinkers out there. Anyway I really am not surprised that representatives of government entities spy on me. They can always see me as a white person... as I am part white. That way they won't slap the word "militant" on me lol Anyway I've been busy. In addition I return to the Washington DC area this Thursday. So far... still no aku palu for me :(

Giving Thanks

I no longer celebrate Thanksgiving because the premise of Thanksgiving or at least one of them is the covert celebration of the decimation of indigenous people. Or actually... of people. Thus for the last few years I have stopped cooking dinner (and I LOVE to cook) on Thanksgiving and instead celebrate Thanksgiving on another day. I know that others celebrate it differently and I respect that but just so people know... I won't be stuffing my face this Thursday. It will probably be on the weekend :) Even then I use it to celebrate the survival of people especially of indigenous people as every one is indigenous to some place. Specifically... to Africa lol Seriously... I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and a wonderful week.

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