For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

My cousin and her husband

I have not told many people nor do I tell many people but my grand cousin, Haunani Minn, is married to actor Marc Singer:

My cousin Haunani Minn:

in China Beach

Her husband, Marc Singer:

And yes... she IS Hawaiian. Her mother is my Aunty Florence, sister of my paternal grandmother, Rose Lokelani. Aunty Florence is Hawaiian and Chinese. Haunani's father, Uncle Gilbert, is Korean :)

Haunani has a sister named Ulu. All pretty cool actually. They are very wealthy and their father owns many properties in Hawaii. He used to be a surveyor for the state of Hawaii. I should write to her and ask her to comment on Hawaiian sovereignty. I'm curious what she thinks of it.

Also I really like Aunty Florence and have always liked her. She visits my paternal grandmother every day, likes my mom and treats her with respect, and is very family oriented. I just don't remember them focusing on being Hawaiian and am curious why I have not seen nor read Haunani comment on being Hawaiian. She and Keanu Reeves. To me... shouldn't they say SOMETHING about being Hawaiian? Or is it just me lol

Which reminds me... Keanu Reeves in the Matrix epitomizes how Hawaiians are in a Matrix:

That is, living in parallel worlds and often targeted by assassins. I'm the same mix as he is and am Buddhist too which he also seems to be. I just wish he would talk about being Hawaiian.

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