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Hawaiian history books

Thanks to acousticate and to M. Kesa for the heads up regarding the following Hawaiian history books and Hawaiian-based journal. In no particular order:

"Hawaii Pono" by Lawrence Fuchs

"Dismembering Lahui" by Jon K. Osorio

As a side note... I love the song, "Hawaiian Eyes," and replay it til my husband gets annoyed that I play it over 50 times :)

"Aloha Betrayed" by Noenoe Silva PhD

"From a Native Daughter" by Haunani K. Trask

Then "'Oiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal" which can be read at

This is the book that I am re-reading, "Shoal of Time" by Gavan Daws:

My reading system as it pertains to reading about histories is to read then re-read some books. In this case I am restarting my reading of Hawaiian history and US history as well as of European, Asian, and Native American histories LOL with this book as it symbolizes my introduction to written Hawaiian history (as opposed to Hawaiian oral history which is how Hawaiian history is based upon... not what is written and instead on oral history passed from kupuna to keiki and so on and so forth) which was introduced at the Kamehameha Schools when I was in the ninth grade (my first year of attendance there.) This is in addition to reading about sales, nutrition, exercise, gardening, land, law, the legal system, etc. I have about 500 books in my reading room in HomeHome and about 100 books in my place near Washington DC. (About 20% are of Hawaiians and/or about history.) Here is a pic of some of my Hawaiian books and Hawaiian history books:

Notice "Nana i ke kumu" as in "look to the source."

In addition to the aforementioned I also continuously study Hawaiian, Japanese, Spanish, Cantonese, Portuguese, and French LOL

In any case I am on another one of these reading cycles.

Anyway I'll have to add this to my numerous websites. In addition I will be posting pics probably tomorrow as I am flying to HomeHome tomorrow. Then next Thursday I'm returning to the Washington DC. Busy yes... tired no. I want some aku palu! :)

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