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The epitome of "Hapa"... "Pure Hapa"

As some people may or may not know since I don't advertise it... I created and maintain Here is someone who epitomizes "hapa." That is... someone who is part Hawaiian:

Nadyne Keala Orona introduces Pure Hapa.

An excerpt:

"Feeling the sun on her skin, she not only imagined a line of skin-care products using the Hawaiian botanicals she remembers her grandmother applying to her skin, but the name, Pure Hapa, as well. The name describes who she is, with her Hawaiian, Irish and Korean ancestry."

Seen at

And from her website:

"Welcome to the world of Pure Hapa...

It has always been my dream to create a skincare line crafted from the purest Hawaiian botanicals and fruits, blended with healing, anti-aging antioxidants from Asia. Pure Hapa brings soothing Hawaiian tropical and herbal blends into your home for a beneficial, natural and pampering spa experience!

I was always intrigued as to why my Hawaiian elders had the most exquisite skin, giving no clue to their true chronological age. In my quest to uncover the beauty secrets of my Hawaiian and Asian ancestors, I learned about many of the natural ingredients that are derived from the aina (land). Ultimately, this led to the creation of Pure Hapa, which I dedicate to my ancestors. Without their lessons of love, health and care for the skin, Pure Hapa would only be a dream.

Many would describe me as a "true hapa girl" in every sense of the word, due to my multi-ethnic background. So, with that in mind, I decided to name my company Pure Hapa.

I look forward to providing you with the best products that Pure Hapa can offer. I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact me about your experience with my products.


Nadyne Kealaokopono Kim-Orona


I give her my stamp of approval :)

If you would like to try some of her products go here:

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