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I agree with Anne Keala Kelly.

I agree with Anne Keala Kelly. However I disagree with her on one major point: She is TOO nice :) That is... I disagree with her respecting those who disrespect us heehee Anyway see and hear her valid arguments here:


Thanks to M. Kesa :)

Also I may have to start telling people about my relatives like my great uncle Ernest Bowen de Silva of the Big Island. He helped to modernize the educational system on the Big Island and helped do away with the discriminatory standard school system in which children went to different schools according to their ability to speak English.

So I am related to Kihei DeSilva (his wife is Mapuana DeSilva... he's my mother's cousin) but I don't like to tell people about my relatives because they may treat me differently and would rather have people treat me the way they would treat me WITHOUT knowing the famous people in Hawaii whom I am related to. That is... I prefer to be treated as a person. You know... as a human being LOL but I had to tell someone that I am related to a well known educator in Hawaii because so far they dunno who the hell I am LOL I'm joking of course :)

I'm also related to retired Federal Judge Paul DeSilva but I ignore him since he's anti-Hawaiian. The local people from the Big Island especially know the name. If not... they know Mapuana DeSilva. I'm related to her husband and indirectly to her since all Hawaiians descend from Wakea and Papa.

Anyway time to workout!


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Nov. 16th, 2005 01:54 am (UTC)
yes you do matter
I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge. After reading many of your posts, you appear to be quite intelligent and eager to converse openly. I am a firm believer in personal choice and I respect yours. I love that you are strong in your beliefs and take pride by mentioning those who came before you. I dont know you and your situation and I wont pretend too. For all i know you could be a princess from a far away land or running for president in the United States.

Here it comes, there is always a down side...... You sound like a victim, quick to judge and angry. My dear in the scheme of things all great and peaceful in life, it real is not that important. I mean is it real? From what I have witness you spend far to much time making your point and for all I know or care, your point could be correct. Maybe im looking at the LJ logs all wrong, this could very well be a place where people can vent and lash out at others and if so im sorry and continue the good work. I guess when you get to a certain stage in life as i have, its not about politics or riches or even name dropping to make yourself feel important to others or what blood runs through your vains. It is about how you feel about yourself inside and not stepping on others toes through life to get there untill you finally figure it out. All anyone wants to know and feel is that we matter, we are human after all.
How ever I may have over stepped only because I am not familuar with what it is your are fighting for, please forgive me if this is the case.
Love and peace be with you.
Nov. 16th, 2005 05:03 pm (UTC)
Re: yes you do matter
Actually I can see why you think that because some other people have told me that but I have been writing for about four years here. At first I did not want to write but one of my friends told me to write for various reason. Over time I write about many things but I am far from playing a victim though I know that is how it looks at times. My reasons or at least one of my reasons is to write down some of my thoughts but I am a happy person. That is primarily why I keep this journal because I like to make people laugh :)

As far as being treated with respect... that is why I like to be anonymous here. Some people do know who I am. A few know me. A few people have even met me but what I mean by that is what I notice that some people treat others differently based on what they have, how famous or powerful they are, and/or on their name. And I like it when people treat people like humans no matter how much money or things that they have. That's what I meant :)
Nov. 16th, 2005 08:11 pm (UTC)
Re: yes you do matter
Dear Kewatinong,

Why is it that when an indigenous person "vents" about an issue that pertains to their culture they are labled as a "victim" or having a "victim mentality"? Yes, you should apologize to the author of this Web site for your lack of knowledge of the current issues at hand for the native people of Hawai'i.

Love and peace be with you too as you read the quote below.

M. Kesa


"…But the biggest weapon wielded and actually daily unleashed by imperialism against that collective defiance is the ‘cultural bomb’. The effect of a ‘cultural bomb’ is to annihilate a people’s belief in their names, in their languages, in their environment, in their heritage of struggle, in their unity, in their capacities and ultimately in themselves. It makes them see their past as one wasteland of non-achievement and it makes them want to distance themselves from that wasteland. It makes them want to identify with that which is furthest removed from themselves; for instance, with other peoples’ languages rather than their own. It makes them identify with that which is decadent and reactionary, all those forces which would stop their own springs of life. It even plants serious doubts about the moral rightness of struggle. Possibilities of triumph or victory are seen as remote, ridiculous dreams. The intended results are despair, despondency and a collective death-wish."

-Ngugi wa Thiong’o
Kenyan Author of Decolonizing the Mind
(Paperback: 114 pages, Heinemann Press: (July 18, 1986), ISBN: 0435080164

Don't sell out! Live up!
Nov. 16th, 2005 08:53 pm (UTC)
Re: yes you do matter
Anonymous..M. Kesa
I am not sure why we indigenous peoples come across as victims maybe its in the words spoken. I agree there has to be a way to voice our rights with out labeling. It's sad that we even have to voice our rights at all. Maybe if there was a better understanding taught to help others see, this might not be a issue. As for my apologizes, I do believe I did. Don't see me as someone criticizing but maybe someone tring to find a better way to express ones rights.
Nov. 17th, 2005 12:26 am (UTC)
Re: yes you do matter
I understand. May the warmth of aloha reach you there in Alaska, or 'Alaka, in Hawaiian.

Ke aloha no,
M. Kesa

P.S. Isn't it a shame what the Inupiat(sp?) corps. are doing to the Gwetchin(sp?) in regard to oil drilling. Shame on Hawai'i senator's for backing such a measure.
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