For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

I agree with Anne Keala Kelly.

I agree with Anne Keala Kelly. However I disagree with her on one major point: She is TOO nice :) That is... I disagree with her respecting those who disrespect us heehee Anyway see and hear her valid arguments here:

Thanks to M. Kesa :)

Also I may have to start telling people about my relatives like my great uncle Ernest Bowen de Silva of the Big Island. He helped to modernize the educational system on the Big Island and helped do away with the discriminatory standard school system in which children went to different schools according to their ability to speak English.

So I am related to Kihei DeSilva (his wife is Mapuana DeSilva... he's my mother's cousin) but I don't like to tell people about my relatives because they may treat me differently and would rather have people treat me the way they would treat me WITHOUT knowing the famous people in Hawaii whom I am related to. That is... I prefer to be treated as a person. You know... as a human being LOL but I had to tell someone that I am related to a well known educator in Hawaii because so far they dunno who the hell I am LOL I'm joking of course :)

I'm also related to retired Federal Judge Paul DeSilva but I ignore him since he's anti-Hawaiian. The local people from the Big Island especially know the name. If not... they know Mapuana DeSilva. I'm related to her husband and indirectly to her since all Hawaiians descend from Wakea and Papa.

Anyway time to workout!

Tags: anne keala kelly, stop the akaka bill, the akaka bill

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