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Ginger kids

This one really made me laugh because once again Jere talks to me as though I am a little girl who is trying to get special privileges based on being Hawaiian. I have NEVER asked nor expected nor pushed for special privileges just equal rights. You know... to protect and defend my civil rights as well as of other Hawaiians, Asians, Polynesians, Caucasians, and Latinas (since I am the aforementioned) as well as for popolos (Hawaiian word for "Black people" which is inaccurate so I prefer to use the Hawaiian word popolo for the sweet dark berry so named hehe) ANYONE who knows me know this that I am all about treating PEOPLE with respect and dignity. Of course when Asians or Africans or Jewish people fight for their rights... there is little to no criticism but whoa... if and when Hawaiians fight for their rights... some people like Jere and Ken Conklin ATTACK US. Please... NO DOUBLE STANDARDS, DUDES. Anyway this is Jere and I where Jere tries to tell me that I am the queen of the Ginger kids:


You gotta watch this episode.

You are queen of the ginger kids.

Me: I love South Park! Don’t hate….

And with that I just burst into laughter. Actually he and Ken Conklin make me laugh because no matter what they say and no matter what they do... Hawaiians are SURVIVORS. And for that I can smile while they are mean and mean spirited towards me and towards other Hawaiians. They even have the audacity to try to twist our history to mean what they want it to mean because they are mean :)

Yes... I remain very optimistic DESPITE being exposed to such remarks and I hope that children learn that there will always be nasty people such as them in the world. However what you do with their nastiness is what matters. That is... you can either cry about it OR you can do something about it. I prefer to do something about it... THEN LAUGH as laughter is very good for one's soul.

Also if Jere thinks and feels that everything is fine then he does not have to speak up. However it is MY right to speak up. I know that it makes some people like him feel guilty or perhaps uncomfortable. If that's the case then he should return to Starbucks to finish his soy latte. I'm not stopping him. In the mean time I will continue doing what I do.

That is... I will continue being pro-Caucasian, pro-Asian, pro-Latin, pro-Polynesian, pro-Hawaiian, pro-CIVIL rights, and pro-HUMAN rights LOL

Tags: hawaiians, hawaiians are survivors, jere krischel, no double standards

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