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More on Jere Krischel and Ken Conklin

It seems as though Jere Krischel is in love OR in lust with Ken Conklin for he keeps trying to defend some of Ken Conklin's ideas which are racist. Of course I admire Ken Conklin for learning our language, olelo oiwi. That truly amazes me. Unfortunately he is racist against Hawaiians so I've lost much respect for Ken Conklin :( If only he was not racist against Hawaiians but unfortunately he only targets and discusses Hawaiians.

In any case Jere asked me to give him a few examples. First of all... it is only so obvious LOL That is why I don't dissect his (Conklin's) ideas because his IDEAS are racist against Hawaiians.

Exhibit A:

In any case the first example is in the URL of his website. Let us take a look at it:

Note that he does not have "Chinese" nor "Asian" nor "Greek" nor "Japanese." He has HAWAIIAN. Thus singling out and targeting a specific group of people which is a hate crime as defined by law.

Exhibit B:

Secondly, on this webpage in particularly:

He explicitly asks, "Are kanaka maoli indigenous to Hawaii"

Conklin inaccurately responds, "No" when Hawaiians ARE indigenous to Hawaii. In fact everyone is indigenous to some place.

So yes... Ken Conklin is racist and I will continue writing about his racism against Hawaiians. Of course Kalani and I are in the midst of addressing Conklin's inaccurate assertions. That is when the lid will be blown OFF. Conklin and Krischel MAY want to run for cover *LOL*

Seriously... I know that he and others stalk me here and elsewhere trying to figure me out. In any case Kalani and I are working on Just saying. Oh and it's wholly due to the Kamehameha Schools. That is, if it wasn't for me attending then subsequently graduating from the Kamehameha Schools which enabled me to attend then subsequently graduate from the University of Washington (known for its research)... I would not be able to write about racists like Ken Conklin :)

Also Jere Krischel is an example of how some Hawaiians can be racist against other Hawaiians because they mistakenly think that other Hawaiians want special rights. No... we want EQUAL RIGHTS and we will and can protect and defend our civil rights just as others do. It's sad actually but it won't stop me from protecting and defending Hawaiians' civil rights, Asians' civil rights, Haole people's civil rights, Polynesians' civil rights, and Latin's civil rights. Period.

Then again Jere uses Wikipedia as a source of information. Anyone knows that much of the data there is neither accurate nor precise. And he graduated from USC! I was going to attend that school but decided not to. I prefer UW since they are more respectful of indigenous and first nations' people plus they are known for its research. However wikipedia as a source of information? Uh NO.

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