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For my family and friends ™

"Um... I am not the one that said that to you."

Jere Krichell aka Jere Krischel seems to have a reading comprehension problem. Seriously.

Exhibit A (ME):

You still have not responded to this part:


Seen at

He implies that this society should be race-blind…. then why does he describe himself as a HAWAIIAN NATIVE on his band’s website? His bandmates Richard Guttenberg, Mario Santillan, Scott Pitts, and Toby Semain do NOT mention their ethnicity. However he does. Hmmmm.

Also for the record… I am Hawaiian and American by nationality. My ethnicity is English, Hawaiian, Portuguese, and Chinese. All of which I explicitly state… repeatedly. Seems as though you either have a reading comprehension problem OR you see only what you want to see like how you thought I was in the upper class while attending Kamehameha Schools. Just so you know since you did ASSume… I was on full financial aid while at Kamehameha Schools.

Also I suggest that you read more and practice your reading comprehension skills since you obviously missed that key point on my website that explicitly states various points. It makes me wonder what other points you have missed and/or twist to see what you want to see :)

Also I was not the person who responded to you with those words that you copied and pasted here. That person is Mamoahina aka Kalani Mondoy… not me.

Exhibit B: I put his comments in italics.

“Yeah, I didn’t write that…I just play in the band”

Oh so you are not responsible for the content that is describing yourself. I see how it works. How convenient it is for you to pick and choose if and when you use race while implying that you prefer a race-blind society.

“Notice I didn’t say “An oiwi from Hawai’i”…or “a kanaka maoli from Hawai’i”…after all, the State of Hawai’i didn’t exist until well after the government of the islands was multi-cultural, right?”

First you imply that you didn’t write it then you imply that you didn’t say “an oiwi from Hawaii” or “a kanaka maoli from Hawaii.” Which is it? Did you or didn’t you use those words “A Hawaiian native” on your band’s website? Seems as though you want to use your Hawaiian ancestry to promote your musical career. As for the government being multicultural I am not sure what you mean by that since my English, Portuguese, and Chinese immigrants arrived in Hawaii before 1959 when Hawaii became a state. However it does not change the fact that you are described as a Hawaiian native on your band’s website. It looks as though you use it as a tool to make money but whatever makes you happy I guess.

“Why do you use the term Hawaiian if the proper term is oiwi? I guess in your case you did have family from the Big Island, which is officially the only place that was really “Hawai’i” pre-1778…

No… but how many people speak olelo oiwi? If and when I speak and/or write olelo oiwi I use “oiwi.” While writing in English I use “Hawaiian” which is the closest English equivalent to “oiwi.”

“…I think you stress out too much on the word Hawaiian. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.”

There is only one definition of the word “Hawaiian” and that is the closest English equivalent to “oiwi.” I don’t stress about it either. If people want to use it inaccurately… then they can. I’m not stopping them.

Conclusion in English:

In other words like in the Hawaiian language we don't just state what we want to state. In this case I am telling him covertly to leave me alone while I protect children. "Leave me alone! I am returning to protecting children!" In over ten paragraphs *L* BUT if he was Hawaiian then he would know that. Unfortunately there are a few Hawaiians who do not know their culture because THEY CHOOSE not to know their culture. Or in some cases they think with a colonized mind where there is one and only one paradigm. That is... THEIRS but I actually learn from these people who assume things about Hawaiians and/or about me. They inspire me to learn even more and they inspire me to do even more to protect children so thanks to them for inspiring me :)


I think he is stalking me at this Livejournal. I have since responded to him directly which of course is the Haole way where you attack the problem head on. However I will be ignoring him soon which is the Hawaiian way so as not to be MAHA OI *LOL* He even assumed that I was a drug user/abuser. Anyone who knows me knows that I have never taken nor touched drugs. Why would I want to ruin my body and/or mind? Partly because of what I learned at the Kamehameha Schools and gasp! I'm a registered Republican and a card-carrying member of the NRA... but that does not fit in his paradigm. Boohoohoo.

Anyway what REALLY makes me laugh is that he wrote "Haolegirl aka _______ ___________ on a rampage." He is not the first person to describe me as being on a rampage... nor will he be the last. What's funny is that my husband calls me "Shoebox Greetings" after the Chocolate rampages... when I go on rampages. FT also tells me often that I go on rampages so this is NOT news to me and do I care what he and/or others think of me... NO *LOL* Which also makes me laugh.

It also makes me laugh how he describes me as "attacking." Uh no... it's called DEFENDING *LOL*

What also makes me laugh is how he and a few others say that I like to focus on being Hawaiian. If that was true then why do some people know me by my Haole Names and also by "Haole girl." Some people don't even know that I am Hawaiian LOL And gasp! I write mostly in English here and elsewhere now plus I have Sunblonde Brown, Dark Tanned BLONDE HAIR LOL Anyway time to drive around in my car while listening to my METALLICA CD WHICH IS A HAOLE CD LOL Seriously... illogical people make me laugh so thanks to them I am never without laughter in my life. In return I hope I made someone else laugh today. It's the least I could do :)

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