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Jere Krichell sure ASSumes alot about me LOL


Seen at

Blah blah blah. Boohoohooo. He sure ASSumes alot about me. This is what he wrote with my responses LOL

Him: “Do you think it’s just for a rich 1% kanaka maoli, 99% haole living in kahala to have a spot at Kam Schools, while a poor 100% tongan living in waianae is denied?”

Me: No… I don’t think so.

Him: “Using race as a crude measure of someone’s worth is a shortcut we shouldn’t use -> why not just give help to all of those who are genuinely in need, rather than starting with the broad assumption that all part kanaka maoli are needy, and targeting only them?”

Me: Unfortunately during the process of statehood some people targeted other people because of their race and that is partly why we are dealing with these people based on their race.

Him: “It certainly sounds like you’ve been part of an upper class that benefitted unfairly from race based admissions…do you see any irony in your claim that you want to help all of hawaii’s children, but want to protect the race-based privileges you enjoyed?”

Me: Actually it seems as though you are ASSuming a lot about me but... I was on full financial aid while attending the Kamehameha Schools and I met the requirements because my parents’ total income was below the poverty line for a family of six so I was not a part of any upper class. I was in the poor class. As far as race based privileges… the only privilege (not a right) that was given to me was a good education at the Kamehameha Schools and that is why I am not on welfare nor on drugs so I really don’t understand your point that I want to enjoy the race-based privileges. There was only one and that was attending the Kamehameha Schools and if it was not for the Kamehameha Schools I would be on welfare. Also it’s not a right for me to attend the school as it’s a private school which in turn gave to me the privilege of a solid education. Without it… I have no doubt that I would be on welfare and/or on drugs.

Him: “By the way, who were the rich dudes that forced your great great grandmother to move? Do you know their names? How exactly did they force her to move? Did they threaten her with guns?

It sounds like a very interesting piece of history - more details would be appreciated.”

Me: Actually I just started researching this about Milolii since last year after another family member told me about it and am doing work in the National Archives. As far as guns… I am not sure as I am gathering evidence and in the process of researching more about Milolii. They forcibly removed Hawaiians from Milolii similar to what was photographed in 1970 at the Hilo Airport:

I’m presently working on gathering photographs and hard copy evidence and may post them later.

Of course this was after I explicitly state:

While attending the Kamehameha Schools, I was on full financial aid. That is, Bishop Estate paid for my education in full as my family lived below the poverty line.

One of its purposes is to protect the children of Hawai’i including but not limited to Hawaiian children because it is my personal philosophy that I along with many others would like to make this world a better place to live in not just for ourselves, our children, and/or our grandchildren but for ALL children.

Reading comprehension problem OR is it a case of seeing what HE wants to see? Surprise surprise. I do not fit into his paradigm.

In other words...

1. NO... I WAS NOT IN THE UPPER CLASS WHILE ATTENDING KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOLS. I was on full financial aid. That means that I was indigent. DUH.
2. NO... I DO NOT EXPECT FREEBIES FROM THE GOVERNMENT BASED ON MY RACE. I've never received any government freebies based on my race nor would I ever.
3. NO... I DO NOT EXPECT SPECIAL TREATMENT BASED ON MY RACE. I expect to be treated like a human being. DUH.

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