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More on Thurston Twigg-Smith the Multimillionaire Revisionist of Hawaiian History

This was written in the Honolulu StarBulletin on July 24, 1998:

Twigg-Smith family has long opposed monarchy

Knowledgeable students of Hawaii's history know that Thurston Twigg-Smith's grandfather, Lorrin A. Thurston, was a founding father of the Honolulu Rifles, that forced the Bayonet Constitution upon David Kalakaua in 1887. He was a leading perpetrator in the illegal overthrow in 1893 and was chairman of the annexation commission and the driving force behind the unconstitutional annexation in 1898.

Few know, however, that at least four generations of Thurstons have been ardent annexationists or apologists for it. In 1854, Thurston blood boiled for annexation in the veins of Twigg-Smith's great grandfather, Asa Goodale Thurston, speaker of Hawaii's House. According to the journals of Robert C. Wyllie, "Speaker Thurston had pressed annexation so vehemently that he had given great offense to Native House members."

Michael Dougherty

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Can we say E-X-P-O-S-E-D? :O Seriously... Lorrin A. Thurston was money and power hungry. He like his grandson Thurston Twigg-Smith profited off of the plight of Hawaiians and he can be held accountable for what his grandfather did. That is, his estate can be sued. Just saying.

Any other Hawaiians wanna sue his grandfather's estate and thus sue him? I challenge (and urge) other Hawaiians to file a class action lawsuit against his grandfather's estate. Of course it would not be about money. That is the primary reason why Hawaiians do not sue but Hawaiians can always ask for the judgment rendered to be that Thurston Twigg-Smith must not revise Hawaiian history.

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