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For my family and friends ™


I just received this email from someone who read one of the websites that I designed and maintain,

Luana Kauionalani Keakealani's Comments are:

Okay, where have I been? This was so enlightening to read; Mahalo for opening my eyes to this. I can't wait 'til there's more. Today is a good day to be a Hawaiian. Mahalo, A hapa ha'ole in Washington.

I like the way she stated, "Today is a good day to be a Hawaiian." Das right! For far too long Hawaiians have been taught to be ashamed to be Hawaiian. Unfortunately some mixed Asians used that to their advantage. For example, how many Hawaiians own businesses that sell Hawaiian products? Not very many if at all. In fact Hilo Hattie's is now owned by a Haole family. The Polynesian Cultural Center is owned by the Mormon Church. The irony of course is that alot of people have asked me and/or told me to tone it down. Did I listen? NO. You cannot tone down your voice and ask oppressors to stop oppressing you. Instead you have to DEMAND that they stop. Of course when they do not listen you make some noise... perhaps scream for hours, weeks, months, and years if you have to til they stop.

Kalani also told me that another Hawaiian told him that his website is ino. Ino how? Is it ino to protect the Hawaiian culture and its people? NO... and like I told Kalani I would rather be insulted by people who criticize me than be cursed by my Hawaiian ancestors.

Of course Kalani made me laugh with an email that he sent to be where he describes Ken Conklin as my cyber lover. What the hell? *L* I find that hilarious because whenever I discuss serious issues Ken Conklin and a few others eventually discuss my looks. What has my looks have to do with the content of my words? I mean... seriously LOL Seriously... I look okay. I'm not exceptionally beautiful nor hot and it annoys me when they focus on my breasts *L* Well that's what Kalani thinks it is which of course makes me laugh.

Anyway as much as other people learn from me I also learn from other people. There is sooo much that I don't know. Therefore I have more reading to so. I will never be "caught up." In fact I just bought another $200 worth of books from Well she also reminded me that I have to update the website. The last time I updated it was in July 2005. So far I'm still working on adding all of the emails in support of the content of the website and there are thousands so it's been difficult to compile by myself.

Well I'm off to Washington DC! :)

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